Zynga in Talks with Wynn Resorts


As previously reported, social media games giant Zynga wants to enter the online gaming space, in fact they may need to do so as a next step towards revenue growth in order to preserve their stock price. Zynga are reported to be in talks with land based casino operator Wynn Resorts and possibly other land based operators and gaming entities outside of the US.

With the current U.S. gaming laws being shaped, it is very likely that anyone wanting to enter the internet gaming space must at least in the early stages partner with existing land based entities who are the most likely candidates to be granted licenses, specifically in States such as Nevada and New Jersey.

Zynga is already a the dominating player in the free-play social gaming market and runs Facebooks larges poker application, Zynga Poker which has more than 30 million monthly active players. Although offering a free software, Zynga’s current revenue model does permit them to charge a fee for selling poker chips to players who can use those chips to advance in levels and earn special status.

Although success is not guaranteed, having an existing client base of 30 million users would make their move to real money online poker more likely to succeed, even if only a tiny fraction of those people convert to real money gambling.


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