Zynga and Party Gaming Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Real Money Gambling


Zynga and Party Gaming announced a partnership that would see the social gaming giant launch real money poker and casino games in the United Kingdom on Party Gaming’s platform in 2013. Although Zynga’s CEO has been talking a lot over the past year about entering real money gaming, even gone as far as making an offer to buy the Ongame Network which never materialized, this is Zynga’s first major step toward real-money gambling,

The deal will see the two firms combine player pools under one poker platform. PartyPoker is currently the second largest pool of players internationally.

“Bringing together Zynga’s expertise in social gaming with the top international real money gaming operator is the best way to create the highest quality gaming experiences for our players in the UK,” Barry Cottle, an executive at Zynga, said in a press release. “Partnering with an established leader like bwin.party is a strategic and prudent way for us to enter a key RMG market while giving local players the real money games they’ve been asking us for.”

Zynga has been plagued recently by executive departures, a falling stock price and many analysts believe a transition into real money gambling is just what the company needs to bounce back. Though there are many skeptics on the other side of the fence that feel Zynga’s current non-real money players would successfully convert into real money gamblers.


  1. Zynga is insane to think that it’s going to convert a large percentage of it’s play money poker players to real money for very long. I also don’t know that Zynga’s not overestimating how many players they really have when you subtract all the underage players, the bots, and the multiple accounts.
    It will create a feeding frenzy for experienced online cash players as they pick off all the soccer moms and weekend warriors who think because they have a billion chips on Zynga that they have some skills. Zynga already has a steady stream of “your game is fixed” whiners….just wait til they start losing REAL money! Personally, I can’t wait for all that new money to start getting pumped into the poker economy but it’s going to be a PR disaster/nightmare for them in the long run IMO. Middle America doesn’t take losing mortgage payments lightly.


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