“XWINK” Back Playing High Stakes against Big Names that Remain


Back in March, Canadian Player “XWINK” raised some eye brows when he went on quite the tear against some of the world’s most well known High Stakes players, banking massive wins totaling millions in a very short periods of time, over $1.2 million in just a couple of days and peaking at several million in profits for the month.
Then things started to turn for the player, who started on a massive downswing, bleeding off almost a million in a single session against Dan “jungleman12” Cates and Russian Player “NoParasan”. Cole South also took a big half million dollar chunk off “XWINK”, who started talking about making a withdrawal and letting the rest ride. It appeared that the 21-year old was sticking to his game plan and soon, as quickly as he had emerged, he fell into the background of the high stakes scene, not turning up on the nightly basis or as aggressively as he had been. Not much was heard about the player believed to be from Vancouver, but in the last few weeks it appears that he is looking to try to make another run.
Things don’t seem to be going quite as well this time though, even without the toughest USA players to contend with, the Canadian player losing hundreds of thousands in the last little while.
According to a hand featured on HighStakesDB.com, Patrick Antonius scooped a massive pot worth nearly $103,000 after flopping a straight flush against “XWINK” and Gus Hansen while playing $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha about a week ago, the majority of the haul coming from stacking “XWINK” for nearly $50,000 of it.
Things didn’t get seem to be getting any better for “XWINK” when player chat reported by Pokerista.net, the player asked Scott “URnotINdanger2´´ Palmer to “loan him some money or stake him” while they played a session, pointing out that he had previously turned “4k in 2 million and cashed out 1 million”, but was “having trouble depositing”. It was also reported that the Canadian was also back up against “NoParasan” at the $100/$200 PLO tables, one of the very players who had laid a licking on him prior to his “high stakes hiatus” of sorts.
It does appear that that “XWINK” is still in the black overall however and while currently on the “losing list” after an early start to the year toppling the “winners list”, he has definitely proven that he is capable of “heaters” that could get him back on top and cashing large. One thing “XWINK” has proven is that isn’t scared to play anyone for rolls when he is in the mood, so the next week, or tomorrow for that matter could be a whole different story. We’ll keep an eye out in the mean time.

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Jon Harnish
35 year old recreational player, husband and father of three from Calgary, Alberta. Enjoy lower stakes cash games including PLO and limit Omaha 8. Any of the micro-stakes HORSE games will play online MTTS and SNGs. Live, Tournaments and Satellites up to $550. I love the game but am far to social to take it seriously and sometimes give up a little to much information at the table because I enjoy discussing the game, so decided it was safest for my bankroll to take up writing about the game. That way I still get to meet the cool people and opinions on the game, but with a little less risk. Writing wise, currently a regular contributor to Poker Pro Canada, like to write profiles, previews and recaps the most. formally wrote for Canadian Poker Player Canada. My Poker Blogs have been featured on CardPlayer Social and SpadeClub as "Recommended" or in newsletters on several occasions and Pokerweblogs as "Blog of the Month". Past projects included organizing and promoting major events with the Canadian Poker Tour, introducing Big Slick Poker Tour to Southern Alberta and directing events and finals.


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