WSOPE Final Table is set in London


The WSOPE Main Event has played down to the final table which resumes today.Dan-Fleyshman-Chip-Leader

Some early notable front runners in the tournament from Day 3, Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom “Isildur” could not hold it together to make the final table. They went out in 19th and 16th place respectably.

The Canadian Andrew Pantling, who dominated part of the tournament with a chip lead, finally finished in 12th place with £54,114 in winnings. Greg Mueller was one of 22 players returning on Day 4 but was short stacked at that point and was the first man out on Day 4 but didn’t leave empty handed for his efforts  pocketing £26,400 in winnings.

The chip leader entering the final Day 5 of Event #5 is Dan Fleyshman who has a 47,000 chip lead over Ronald Lee. Dan isn’t a professional poker player but he is involved in the poker industry on a daily basis as the CEO of Victory Poker with hopes of growing his website into one of the industry’s top online poker rooms. Making it to the final table is his greatest live poker accomplishment to date. Today he needs a Victory.

He posted to his followers on Twitter after play had ended: “For 3 days I told friends that I envisioned ending up at final table w/Ivey & Isildur… scratch that, I’m so glad they’re freaking gone …”

Ronald Lee who enters the final table in second has played a great tournament so far. Ronald eliminated Phil Ivey when Ivey went all-in pre-flop with A-10 while Lee had A-K. The turn card was a King and it was over for Phil.

Here are the final chip counts for the nine final table players:

Dan Fleyshman        1,946,000 chips  San Diego, CA USA
Ronald Lee                 1,899,000 chips  Jericho, NY USA
Danny Steinberg      1,520,000 chips  Fairfield, IN USA
Roland de Wolfe       1,377,000 chips  London UK
James Bord                1,331,000 chips  Stanmore  UK
Brian Powell                  842,000 chips  Louisville, KY USA
Fabrizio Baldassari    677,000 chips  Monaco 
Nicolas Levi                  428,000 chips  London UK
Marc Inizan                   349,000 chips  Pluguffan  FRANCE

(photo credit – Greasie Wheels)


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