WSOPE Event #3 Update – Kaveh Payman is Final Table chip leader


Kaveh Payman WSOPEAfter Day 1 of Event#3, £1,075 No-Limit Hold’em at the WSOPE in London yesterday, we reported that Canadian Wesley Pantling was the chip leader out of the original field of 582 players.

Though he tried his best to hold this chip lead amongst the 80 remaining players throughout Day 2, it was not meant to be. The deciding hand that cut him down before his eventual demise was to the current leader Medhi Senhaji.

Here is how the hand played out.

Medhi Senhaji opened preflop to 5,200 and Wesley Pantling made the call next to him, while JP Kelly came along too in the big blind.

The flop was :8h :4c :Qc and Kelly checked to Senhaji, who bet 6,000. Pantling then raised to 22,000 and Kelly folded, Senhaji thought for a moment before moving all-in and Pantling immediately requested a count.

It was 67,700 more to Pantling who declared, “Call,” and Senhaji meekly turned over :6c :5s for little more than a gutshot against Pantling’s :As :Qd.

But the turn was the :7h, Pantling sighed and Senhaji jumped out of his chair with more force than a rabid chipmunk. The :9d river helped neither player and Senhaji secured a huge and lucky double up to leave Pantling a short stack and put himself up to about 200,000.

Not long later, Pantling was eliminated in 18th place with £5,221 in his pocket.

As all this was happening, another Canadian from North Vancouver was busy as a Canadian beaver. Kaveh Payman who started Day 2 with 24,000 chips, is now in the final table and as at 2AM London Time he is sitting in the chip lead after a couple of instrumental hands.

Payman Flops the Nuts

Jeppe Brisgaard raised to 16,500 from the hijack seat. He was called by Kaveh Payman on the button and JP Kelly in the big blind. The flop came down :Qh :Jh :6h and action checked to Payman. He bet 14,000 and both his opponents called.

The turn brought the :3h and Kelly checked. Brisgaard fired 20,500 and Payman called. Kelly mucked.

The river brought the :Js and Brisgaard fired 41,500. Payman called again. His :Ah :Kh was the best hand against the :Qc :8s for Brisgaard and he won the pot.

Payman eliminates Stephan Nitschke

On one of the first hands back from the break, the final table was set.

Action folded around to Kaveh Payman in the small blind and he raised enough to put Stephan Nitschke all in. Nitschke made the call from the big blind holding the :Kh :Jh. Payman held the :Qs :Td.

The flop paired both players, but Nitschke stayed in front after it came :Js :Tc :5d. The turn brought the :Th and Payman picked up trip tens to take the lead. The river completed the board with the :9s and that was it, Nitschke was eliminated just one spot short of the official final table.

Here is the final table with the chip counts.

Seat 1: Karim Jomeem (United Kingdom) – 109,000
Seat 2: Scott Shelley (United Kingdom) – 148,000
Seat 3: Nicky Katz (United Kingdom) – 150,000
Seat 4: Paul Ian Pitchford (United Kingdom) – 77,000
Seat 5: Jeppe Brisgaard (Denmark) – 171,000
Seat 6: Mehdi Senhaji (Morocco) – 369,000
Seat 7: Kaveh Payman (Canada) – 434,000   (chip leader)
Seat 8: JP Kelly (United Kingdom) – 242,000
Seat 9: Jack Lyman (United Kingdom) – 55,000

Day 3 resumes tomorrow where a new bracelet winner will emerge and take £133,857 ($214,000 CAD) for first prize. Will it be Kaveh Payman? Will it be this event’s last year defending champion JP Kelly from Britain, also in the final table, going for a repeat bracelet victory, who earlier today knocked out Matt Jarvis in 2 consecutive pots? We’ll find out tomorrow.

(photo credit Greasie Wheels)


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