WSOPC River Rock Awards Millions Over it’s 10 Vancouver Events – Final Results

Lincoln Milne

The 2013 World Series of Poker Circuit stop at the River Rock Casino in Vancouver wrapped up on November 8th, after awarding nearly $2.5 million over the 10 live events making up the tournament series.  There are still a number of online events yet to be played on, meaning this 2nd showing for the WSOPc in British Columbia should see that number reach much closer to an impressive $3,000,000.

The biggest slice of the poker pie did of course go to Chillwack’s Lincoln Milne, who bested the 865 player field in the $1,675 No Limit Hold’em to claim more than $253,015 and the bragging rights of taking down the second largest Main Event held on Canadian soil so far in 2013, in terms of participants.

It appears this not only Lincoln’s first major live poker tournament win, but his also his largest live cash by  miles, though we can probably expect to see that total tally rise with his new found riches.

We told you there were some tough final tables in the results for Events #1 through #6 and that didn’t stop in the back half of the series; Homan Mohammad is one fine example, whom after placing 6th in the $580 Event #2, followed up less than a week later with a 3rd place in the Main Event for a total series performance worth around $122,000!

Edmonton’s Ryan “CatintheHat” Snyder (and contributor) also boasted back to back final tables in Event’s #8 and #9, placing 3rd in both for better than $27,000. Perhaps one of the more exciting side event finale line ups of the series came in the $1,125 Turbo Event #8, where 3 handed play found top Albertan Jaspal Brar joined by Ryan Snyder and “@BigJohn88888” Chi Tsun Chan in a talent heavy fight for the ring.  In the end Chan would keep the cash and gold in BC, taking down the tough Edmontonians for the title.

Surrey’s Young “Mike” Kim also had a notable repeat performance with a final table showing in 6th for the Main Event, taking him to almost 6 figures in winnings for the circuit stop so far, having won himself a ring in the inaugural 2012 series.

Rather than ramble on however, we’ll bow out now while you find your friends and favorites in the remaining results below:

Event #7 – $1,675 No Limit Hold’em Main Event

Place Player City Prize
1st Lincoln Milne Chilliwack $253,015
2nd Alex Toth DNR $156,349
3rd Homan Mahammadi North Vancouver $115,166
4th Dylan Mayo DNR $85,946
5th Young Kim Surrey $64,979
6th Douglas Wasyk Red Deer $49,759
7th Gregory Eyster Raleigh $38,588
8th Roger Hardy North Saanich $30,297
9th Jeff Blenkarn Rockford $24,082
10th Vikas Sondhi Bellingham $19,372
11th Tyler Patterson Everett $19,372
12th Evan Thomas Victoria $19,372
13th Jesse Wilke Kenmore $15,765
14th Richard Ho Surrey $15,765
15th Seyed Haghshenas Vancouver $15,765
16th Malachy Hagan Langley $12,988
17th Jay Glass Whitehorse $12,988
18th James Cermak Edmonton $12,988
19th Nicholas Immekus Jefferson Hills $10,821
20th Christopher Bush Vancouver $10,821
21st Yong Shou Zheng Richmond $10,821
22nd Marc Verhiel North Vancouver $9,121
23rd George Duncan Surrey $9,121
24th David Secord Surrey $9,121
25th Peter Redekopp Richmond $7,772
26th Manh Nguyen Vancouver $7,772
27th Tam Tang Surrey $7,772
28th Charles Shapiro West Vancouver $6,695
29th Ryan Smith Saskatoon $6,695
30th David Stobbart Mission $6,695
31st Lorne Willment Langley $5,839
32nd Silvester Swoboda Penticton $5,839
33rd Ravinder Bedi Richmond $5,839
34th Bhupinder Singh Sacramento $5,151
35th Robert Dunn Abbotsford $5,151
36th Dustin Centanni DNR $5,151
37th Francois Sauve DNR $4,593
38th Donald Chimko Baker Creek $4,593
39th Patrick Lindsay Vancouver $4,593
40th Chuong Cam Tu Calgary $4,593
41st Dale Chalifoux Kinuso $4,593
42nd Mitesh Anjaria Kitchener $4,593
43rd Ronald Wong DNR $4,593
44th Alpheus Chan Richmond $4,593
45th Michael Collins Vancouver $4,593
46th David Ao Vancouver $4,139
47th Benjamin Field Surrey $4,139
48th Josh Mammon Richmond $4,139
49th Joseph Jasin Winnipeg $4,139
50th Peter Vu Burnaby $4,139
51st Barry Marcopoulos Delta $4,139
52nd Vi Lam Toronto $4,139
53rd Joseph Kuehler Dousman $4,139
54th DL DNR $4,139
55th Joel Gunnarsson Vancouver $3,763
56th Blake Fisher New Westminster $3,763
57th Idris Gencoglu Vancouver $3,763
58th Ki Nam Langley $3,763
59th Cole Harman Courtenay $3,763
60th Burhan Becer Richmond $3,763
61st Charles Fullerton DNR $3,763
62nd Jody Evans Vancouver $3,763
63rd Robert Cheung Vancouver $3,763
64th Derek Shannonm Washago $3,464
65th David Pecaski Vancouver $3,464
66th Corey Pipella Edmonton $3,464
67th Daniel Gleason Edmonton $3,464
68th Taras Kripps Naramata $3,464
69th Nancy Birnbaum Las Vegas $3,464
70th Bradley Hosie Richmond $3,464
71st Neal Thornton Burlington $3,464
72nd Eddie Hum Vancouver $3,464
73rd Lamarr Williams Mount Currie $3,192
74th Dominick French Victoria $3,192
75th Joey Vensel Chilliwack $3,192
76th Paul Corlett Vancouver $3,192
77th Ronald Lauzon Edmonton $3,192
78th Lloyd Addie Nelson $3,192
79th Christopher Clisby Winnipeg $3,192
80th Quentin Siffledeen St. Albert $3,192
81st Mirabbas Abedsaidi Bellingham $3,192
82nd Son Chau Victoria $2,932
83rd Bashar Ramahi Sturgeon County $2,932
84th Paul Gerlinger Coquitlam $2,932
85th Alemu Makonen Edmonton $2,932
86th Hootan Fazell Richmond $2,932
87th Justin Mandair Surrey $2,932
88th Ryan Simmonds Anmore $2,932
89th Cuong Le Vancouver $2,932
90th Joanne Lewis Burnaby $2,932

Total Entries – 865   Prize-Pool: $1,297,500

Event #8 –  $1,125 Turbo No Limit Hold ’em

Place Player City Prize
1st Chi Tsun “John”  Chan Vancouver $31,800
2nd Jaspal Brar Edmonton $19,655
3rd Ryan Snyder Edmonton $13,994
4th Allan Berger Richmond $10,165
5th Theodore Timmermans DNR $7,530
6th Michael McFadgen Toronto $5,685
7th Zhiran Chen Burnaby $4,373
8th Joshua Langton Surrey $3,425
9th Romulus Baran DNR $2,731
10th Kelly Siah Vancouver $2,214
11th Ronald Piasetzki Edmonton $2,214
12th Mylyne Santos Surrey $2,214

Total Entries – $106,000   Prize-Pool: $106,000

Event #9 – $580 No Limit Hold’em

Place Player City Prize
1st Mark Ostrovsky Richmond $30,781
2nd Mark Inglis Port Alice $19,017
3rd Ryan Snyder Edmonton $13,323
4th Mark Sioson DNR $9,398
5th Aaron Li Vancouver $6,680
6th Jonathan DaCruz Delta $4,787
7th Joseph Lind Everett $3,459
8th Daniel Park Bothell $3,459
9th Nicholas Anderson Abbotsford $2,519
10th Eitan Even Burnaby $2,519
11th Calvin Anderson Edmonton $1,850
12th Todd Duplantis Vancouver $1,850
13th Chi Tsun Chan Vancouver $1,370
14th Lamarr Williams Mount Currie $1,370
15th Trevor Kwok Vancouver $1,370
16th Mike Jesson Coquitlam $1,370
17th Jason O’Hara DNR $1,370
18th Johnathan Hansmeyer Lethbridge $1,370
19th Cory Pipella Edmonton $1,023
20th Sol Bergren Saskatoon $1,023
21st Wai Shing Mak Burnaby $1,023
22nd Joonyeol You DNR $1,023
23rd Tyler Stedius Vancouver $1,023
24th Francis Fran Edmonton $1,023

Total Entries 228   Prize-Pool: $114,000

Event #10 – $365 Limit Hold’em

Place Player City Prize
1st Rupert Whiting Richmond $10,801
2nd Adam Raganelli Burnaby $6,675
3rd Idris Gencoglu Vancouver $4,753
4th Hiroaki Harada Yamagata-Ken $3,452
5th Linwood Linderbeck Surrey $2,557
6th Arif Bhaloo Vancouver $1,931
7th Martin Todosychuk Langley $1,485
8th Connie Chia Surrey $1,163
9th Michael Van Sickle Durham $927
10th Mike Jesson Coquitlam $752
11th Jean-Philippe Piquette Laval $752
12th Behard Bsharatian Vancouver $752

Total Entrants – 120  Prize-Pool: $36,000

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