WSOP Logo Rules Affect Final Table Sponsorship Deals


Full Tilt and PokerStars PatchThe World Series of Poker Main Event is less than 2 weeks away and the WSOP is standing firm on its rules on wearing logos at the final table. Full Tilt Poker has to make some tough choices because they have logo deals with seven of the nine players making the final table.

The rules and regulations of the WSOP specify that when players are on a feature table, a poker site can only have a maximum of three players at the table wearing their logos. What this means is that Full Tilt Poker will have to remove promotional patches from four of the seven players it has going into the final table. Also, the poker rooms are not allowed to re-assign a patch to a new player after someone has been eliminated once filming has begun. This could effectively mean that four players may go patchless which would be a waste of promotional real estate or if permitted, other poker sponsors could emerge to scoop up these players.

Logo patch deals were being handed out when there were still upwards of fifty players still competing in the main event.

The players are definitely in high demand and they have had time since the summer to find replacement companies to represent. WSOP Boss Ty Stewart, has made it crystal clear that only three players are allowed to bear the same logo and the WSOP will enforce this rule.

“We know tournament poker is a tough racket, and encourage that, but our rules are clear. We’ve spoken with all the players and we don’t expect any problems or funny business or any new logos or creative affiliate site,” commented Stewart.

At this time, we don’t know how the poker sites will decide to go but it will soon be known. Maybe they will choose to go with the players with highest chip counts or perhaps the players who have had solid performances on the felt and most likely to go the furthest. What is also unclear is whether the players will still receive the money promised in the contracts they have signed.

At the moment this is how it looks.

Player Name Chip Count Poker Site
Jonathan Duhamel 65,975,000 Poker Stars
John Dolan 46,250,000 Full Tilt
Joseph Cheong 23,525,000 Full Tilt
John Racener 19,050,000 Full Tilt
Matthew Jarvis 16,700,000 Full Tilt
Filippo Candio 16,400,000 Full Tilt
Michael Mizrachi 14,450,000 Full Tilt
Soi Nguyen 9,650,000 Full Tilt
Jason Senti 7,625,000 Poker Stars


On the PokerStars front, Canadian Jonathan Duhamel is sitting comfortably at the moment with his impressive chip lead as the front man for the team at the final table. Jason Senti is also wearing PokerStars gear though he is sitting with the lowest stack in 9th spot, but the World’s largest poker site has room for one more logo at the final table. They may or may not choose to fill that spot.

Out of the 7 Full Tilt players, one might expect that “The Grinder” Michael Mizrachi would be chosen to represent the site due to his fame and experience, even though his chip stack is sitting 3rd from the bottom. If that were to happen, that would leave 2 more players for them to keep. The likely choices would be the highest chip stacks of the group.

However, if Full Tilt expand their criteria, they will see that although Canadian Matt Jarvis has the 4th highest chip lead from the Full Tilt guys, since the WSOP this summer, he has played a solid live tournament game with 2 first place finishes (COPC Heads-Up and WPT side event) and a 2nd place finish this week at the West Coast Poker Championship in British Columbia.

One thing is for certain, deals are happening as this is another way for these players to bank in on some sponsorship money, and we can expect to see some other poker sites or brands being represented at the final table, less than 2 weeks away and the players geared up could end up looking like race car drivers.


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