WSOP Heads-Up HighRoller goes to Semi-Final matchups


Gus-Hansen-Heads-UpAfter a very long day which started with 16 matchups and three rounds later today, we are down to our final four that will play tomorrow.

Here are a few bits of highlights and take downs.

Jarvis first bubble boy

The first man to be eliminated was Matt Jarvis at the hands of Kabrhel.

Kabrhel opened on the button, and faced a reraise from Jarvis in the big blind. Kabrhel four-bet, Jarvis pushed, and Kabrhel snap-called.

Kabrhel held pocket 9’s and Jarvis held 6, 7 suited. The flop brought a pair of 5’s which didn’t help either player, and neither did the Ace on the turn. Kabrhel`s pocket 9’s held but he rivered another 9 giving him a boat.

With that, Kabrhel become the first player in the money as Jarvis became the first bubble boy of the day.

The Next to fall…

Ludovic Lacay was the next man down.

Then Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who stole blinds for some 15 minutes to a late Ram Vaswani, speculated in pre-flop with his K 7 but Vaswani managed to pair his Queen & Ace when the board came down.

Huck Seed then took care of Ilari Sahamies after a pre-flop raising war saw them all-in.

Gus Hansen takes out Mark Everett.

Collopy finishes Fischman pairing his Queen on the flop to beat Fischman’s pocket 7’s.

Justin Adams has been eliminated by Marius Torbergsen.

No chance for Chance Kornuth as Daniel Negreanu finally takes him down with pocket 10’s.

Famous Matchup

The big match of the night was when Phil Ivey went up against Gus Hansen. At first it was looking good for Ivey as he managed to quadruple Gus’s stack. Then a couple of big hands put Hansen back on track. Ivey finally hit the rail after button Ivey found :6s :6d, big blind Hansen :Js :Jc and in three raises it was on-their-backs time. The board came a definitive :7d, :Jh, :9h, :2h, :Td which brought a murmured, “been a pleasure,” from Ivey as he went to collect his prize money.

Negreanu misses Final Four

Daniel went through a marathon match against Chris Feldman who had him out stacked throughout the entire match. Negreanu couldn’t catch him and finally in a hand where he got pocket queens, Feldman managed to pair his king on the flop. Negreanu finishes in fifth and takes £47,045.

Final Four

Here are the semi-final matchups for tomorrow.

Gus Hansen vs. Andrew Feldman

Jim Collopy vs. Ram Vaswani

Will Hansen pick up his  first WSOP bracelet? A winner will emerge tomorrow and also receive a hefty £288,409.

(photo credit Greasie Wheels)


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