online poker site debuts, software glitch “accidentally” allows real money play


WSOP-Online-Poker-logoWhile the WSOP got underway in Las Vegas, the online poker counterpart online launched a free money play version of their site. Caesars hopes to begin offering real money poker games online in Nevada by the end of the summer. The company has already received Nevada license approval and is partnered up with software provider 888.

But the site suffered a mishap on Wednesday when real money games were briefly made available to players who had downloaded the Mac-based client during the early periods of its going live during the afternoon.

A report surfaced soon after on the Two Plus Two forums from a poster (“the ascent”) who had been able to deposit money using a Visa card and had begun to play a NL100 cash game, noting that three other players appeared to be logged in for real money games as well. Others posting in the thread were only able to see play money games (as was the case for the Windows-based version of the client I downloaded).

WSOP-Online-Poker-med“I deposited $100, won $14, and now it looks like my deposit vanished…currently $14 in my account,” eventually reported “the ascent.” Then came an additional report — coming a little over an hour after the initial post of successfully depositing and being able to play for real money — that “the ascent” was no longer able to play real money games and instead when trying to join a real money table was met with a disclaimer noting the games were unavailable.

Soon thereafter a new poster named “WSOP Ken,” the Online Poker Room Manager for, came on to make 2+2 post to clarify what happened.

“Our real money poker offering on is not yet live in the state of Nevada. Unfortunately, for a short time this morning, two Nevada players were able to gain access to the Mac version of our real money poker client and participated in a live game. These players should not have been able to deposit or play. The technical glitch that enabled these players to gain access to the Mac client has been corrected. Please note, no payment transactions were completed. We appreciate the interest in and look forward to becoming part of the Nevada online poker community in the near future.”

Anyone who wants to try the software can click on the “Play Poker Online” graphic located on the lower left side of the landing page, which automatically begins the download, but only residents of Nevada will be allowed to play for real money once the site is officially live with real money games.


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