World’s Most Valuable Poker Chip


Diamond poker chipA Toronto Jeweller has recently made the Guinness World Records with by forging a one of a kind poker chip appraised at $450,000. The chip is made up 22-karat pink gold, framed by 5.13 carats of pink diamonds, with a rim consisting of 17 one-carat diamonds, bearing on one side a diamond-encrusted lucky seven and, on the other, a lucky eight made of 62 small round diamonds. The numbers alone weigh in at 2.5 carats. Apart from the diamonds, the chip is made up of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pink diamonds and solid silver.

Gerald Lewy has been working on the chip for 2 ½ years and is the centrepiece of a line of glitzy jewelry and items that he’ll soon market to those inhabiting a world of luxury most of us can only dream of.

Lewy, who has been a diamond setter for 53 years, came up with the idea while attending a trade show in Tucson, Arizona three years ago where he was shown a standard plastic poker chip and said to himself, “There’s something wrong with this. It has no flair. It’s boring.”

He began to experiment, giving new looks to the old chips. In his earliest variations, he embedded a couple of plastic dice in the chip. He went on to experiment with metal chips, using simple designs that incorporated the number seven on one side, and eight on the other. Eight is considered lucky in some Asian cultures.2184_5fkwn

Of course, jewellery is not new to the world of poker where lavish rings and bracelets adorned with jewels have become the de facto prize of champions in addition to the cash factor of course.

Lewy will be completing his line of products to include diamond-encrusted bracelets and money clips, pendants, rings, gold-plated or solid gold dice with precious stones.

Gerald Lewy valuable poker chip


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