Will You Go Back to Full Tilt Poker if it Re-Opens? Reader’s Poll


It might be a slight understatement to say it’s been a bit of a rocky road since poker’s “Black Friday”, for those who played on Full Tilt Poker. Now, more than half a year later, it seem like there just might be a light at the end of the tunnel; with the Department of Justice and Groupe Bernard Tapie reaching an unprecedented deal for the sale and transfer of FTP’s assets, it seems that somewhat of a workable plan is beginning to take shape to both re-pay players and restore the site to operation, or at least the software that players “miss dearly”.

According to various reports, there a stipulations in the deal stating that the “current FTP directors would not be allowed to hold shares in the company” and there has be no mention of “dropping charges against the three individuals named in the Black Friday indictment Ray Bitar, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson”; this should all point to a much safer and “tighter run ship”, that in theory, will eventually lead to players also being able to play on the site that many loved. Full Tilt Poker, (or its replica), won’t be returning to American players any time soon and this already means considerably less traffic than its former glory days. On top of that there is still the issue of being re-licensed; both the Alderney Gambling Control Commission hearing and Kahnawake Gaming Commission official statement set out the stipulations months ago.

For some the mental scars of the whole ordeal will be too deep to overcome; losing large sums of money, or at least having its return put on hold indefinitely, as well as the repercussions of the situation caused just too much grief to forgive. For others, simply knowing that they were being lied too and cheated, for any amount , has taken away all trust and left the questions or speculation…”Was there anything else shady going on we just don’t know about?”

Despite this, many posts by players in the poker forums and discussions on social networks say that “Yes”, they would go back; “the games or game selection were too good, the fields so soft, etc”. We have seen this hold true in the Ultimate Bet Super-User scandals of the past, despite good reasons and past history pointing at staying away, some players will return to play where they were winning, or “feel at home”.

“Question is” Will you go back? Please take our vote on the subject and leave on thoughts or comments on the subject here, in our forums or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.


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Jon Harnish
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  1. Yes I think I would play again because of the software, playnow uses this bossmedia software that sucks! bad choice in my opinion.

    • I’ll play with what bankroll I have left on the site, but would not add any funds to that account. Why would I, when there are so many other sites that did NOT screw their customers?

  2. I’m a professional poker player and proud American who lives in Canada now so that I may continue earning a living from online poker. For the first time in a long time, I’ll be spending American Thanksgiving away from my family.

    When the economy crashed a couple of years ago due to the greed and negligence of banking industry professionals, did that stop people from walking into a bank to deposit their money? No… In fact, there are tighter controls now than ever before and accountability to and from the regulators if history should ever repeat itself. Same thing with the airline industry post 9/11.

    Full Tilt has the best software out there, years ahead of the competition. If the new French owners make amends to the players (even though technically they did nothing wrong themselves), they apply for a gaming license with a reputable gaming board and the regulators see fit to issue a new license with some guarantees to protect the players’ assets, then I would go back to play. There is a greater chance of getting shafted on another poker site with no financial backbone than lightning striking twice.

    They would also have to get rid of avatars of any of the Full Tilt pros like Lederer and Ferguson and any owners who had a hand in any fraud so I don’t have to look at their ugly mugs.

    I think I’ve summed it up ok.

    • Are you seriously comparing the banking industry regulations to online poker regulations? Did you feel the same way after AP/UB scandal when they opened their doors again? How about the second time? Was that a fluke lightning strike?

      Remember, now that you are in Canada, we say “please and thank you”.

      Personally, as with AP/UB, I won’t go back. I see no need in helping out companies that have done nothing but bad things for the online gaming industry. I fully understand that it is “new owners”, and yeah, they have never done anything wrong either. *insert the rolling eyes and mugshots here*

  3. Let’s see – All American’s playing on full tilt and the other sites from a US location knew they were breaking the law and yet they want their money back? They deposited and withdrew monies from any of the sites involved knowing full well that the transactions had to have been illegal at the time. My sympathies only lie with people outside of the US that have had their funds tied up – they should be paid first. On a related note. There will be more online cheating in the future – not all of it will be caught.

  4. Wow I just reread the statement ” If the new French owners make amends to the players (even though technically they did nothing wrong themselves),”. No offence, but … Techinically all players playing from a US account were doing wrong. They turned a blind eye. Repeat – all non-US players should be reimburshed first. US players should be fined a percentage of their accounts. Both the online and the live game need to be cleaned up a lot. If you’re not seeing the cheating that is going on you’re either part of it or you are blind. The only advantage a player should have is their brain and on occasion lady-luck. Too much “lateral collusion”, online and live, is allowed. The integrity of the game is at stake. Clean-up the game at all levels. The true champions will emerge.

  5. FTP had the best software and for those of us that grinded there building “ironman” medals for a long time getting to know the regulars, keeping good notes on player tendencies, etc. We’re going back there to play as long as it’s not a new site from scratch. If I still get credit for my ironman streak I worked so long for (and the bonuses therein) I’m definitely going back to play. I’m even fine with not being allowed to withdraw my balance anytime soon. It was a great site. I miss it.


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