Where Is Your Online Poker Money?


It’s no secret that poker players earning a living from online poker keep a comfortable balance of funds in their online poker accounts in order to play, this is called a bankroll. A player’s bankroll is considered to be the equivalent to operating capital in a business and depending on the game limits and the number of tables they want to play simultaneously, needs will vary in order to ensure it is in line with proper bankroll management. Many poker players hold more money in their poker accounts than they do in their bank accounts, only withdrawing small sums as needed. So what happens to all this money held online? The answer may shock you…

Some of the larger poker rooms hold hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of their customers. Similar to a bank, since not all the money is required on a day-to-day basis but only virtually, much of it either gets invested in low risk money market funds or other investment vehicles earning the sites large amounts of interest on the funds. Of course, this may only be representative of how some of the sites operate.

However, there have been instances in the past where poker players have lost their money at online poker rooms because the sites dipped into player funds to finance business operations or to make acquisitions and in most of these cases, the players had no recourse against the poker rooms to get their funds back.

Poker players should be very careful where they deposit their hard earned money. Here are some things you should look out for when selecting a poker room to deposit into.

  • Is the poker site licensed and if so, which country are they licensed in?

Some countries like Malta tend to have stricter licensing requirements which also require a fund guarantee be placed to cover part of player balances. They also have pretty good communication channels to aid players to resolve disputes with the operators.

  • Google search the poker room on the web to determine the room’s overall reputation.

If a site has a history of problems, those will likely surface on the web or on a forum. If a poker site is accused of wrongdoing, it is not difficult to find out. Of course, don’t believe everything you read so best advice is to ask around and use your judgement cause poker players like to complain on forums, especially when they lose.

  • Another thing you can do is to attempt a cashout after trying out the website with a small amount and see how long that takes. If you are uncomfortable with turnaround time that it takes to get your money, then don’t invest more cause it will just stress you out.

At the end of the day, remember it’s your money and it can be very easy to lose site in a virtual world. Mistakes do happen and we strongly recommend that you take print screens after each poker session and compare to it when you open a new session the next day in case there are discrepancies.


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