US Full Tilt Poker Claims Process To Begin Shortly


full-tilt-poker-claims-administratorOn late Thursday, Garden City Group, the claims administrator for the Full Tilt Poker remission process stated on their website that the remission process for players in the US will begin shortly and that players will be paid back what they had in their online poker accounts when the site was shut down to American poker players on April 15, 2011 (Black Friday).

This is very good news for the poker community, as it was once rumoured that the government could be refunding players only what they had deposited over the years and not what they actually had in their accounts including winnings.

Just recently, the Garden City Group told the poker community that the entire process was set to be delayed by another year.

The current owners of Full Tilt, Rational Group, aka PokerStars, have already done their part and remitted the necessary funds to pay the players to the US Government. The delays have been stuck in governmental red tape and process unfortunately.

Players in Canada and the rest of the world, where repayment was handled directly from Full Tilt under the new management of PokerStars, have already been paid months ago.

Part of the statement from Garden City Group reads: “If the forfeited funds available for distribution equal or exceed the aggregate FTP Account Balances for all eligible Petitioners, each eligible Petitioner with an approved claim will receive the entirety of his or her FTP Account Balance. If the aggregate FTP Account Balances for all eligible Petitioners exceed the funds available for distribution, payments shall be made to eligible Petitioners on a pro rata basis.”

Players who have a claim to file should go to

Although former American Full Tilt Poker players have signalled their frustration and not getting paid back yet, many signs are pointing towards restored confidence in the brand as former residents of the US who have relocated are playing again on the site.


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