UPDATES – DAY 1B: Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival Event #1



Event #1 Day 1b: No Limit Hold’em Re-entry $135+$15

$100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool




DAY 1b has Ended

Today’s players move on to Day 2 on Tuesday evening at 7:30 – unless, that is, they’d prefer to take another run at a Day 1c tomorrow and try and build up a better stack! In the case of a player who qualifies through two (or three) Day 1s, their largest stack will move on to Day 2 and their other chips will be removed from the tournament.

Congratulations to everyone who has made it through so far!

EVENT #1 – Day 1B Chip Count

First Name Last Name Status Chip Count
Remy Scalabrini Still in 286,300
Carole Bastien Still in 239,500
Danick Landriault Still in 225,100
Peter Koumoutsidis Still in 196,900
Marc-Andre Racine Still in 192,900
Lesley Amos Still in 174,500
Olivier Fournier Still in 156,100
Maher El-Azzi Still in 155,500
Levon Dedeyan Still in 153,400
Nicolas Sheehy Still in 152,700
Alexandre Patoprsty Still in 150,700
Jason Nguyen Still in 143,600
Nick Petsas Still in 140,800
Mike Garoufalis Still in 137,100
Arrmry Senat Still in 137,100
Jonathan G Still in 134,500
Nassim Kabbara Still in 133,100
Daniel Thibodeau Still in 132,800
Michael Korovine Still in 130,900
Jano Salbzian Still in 127,900
David Vaillancourt Still in 127,800
Jerry F Still in 123,300
Marie-Claude Grondin Still in 121,200
Obaidullah Habibi Still in 117,800
Still in 116,300
Isabelle Morin Still in 116,000
Marcello Simonetti Still in 114,500
Jean Sebastien Dore Still in 114,400
Douglas Sheehan Still in 113,700
Bentino Salemi Still in 111,400
Eric Theroux Still in 110,900
Eric Richer Still in 110,800
Denis Robidoux Still in 110,200
Yan Primeau Still in 109,000
Che Zhao Still in 109,000
Jean-Francois Morin Still in 105,100
Raphael Ohayon Still in 103,900
Sebastien Nuckle Still in 102,900
Minh Luu Still in 101,500
Dean Murphy Still in 101,200
Nathan Mondoux Still in 101,100
Dominique Morin Still in 99,500
Sourasay Souvanh Still in 99,300
Sylvain Blais Still in 96,000
Alex Fiorani Still in 93,800
Richard Samyn Still in 93,200
Remi Rondeau Still in 92,100
Martin Welch Still in 89,900
Eric Descostes Still in 89,500
Jacques Gélinas Still in 89,300
Kayden Stacey Still in 86,900
Benoit Pesant Still in 86,500
Fu Quiang San Still in 84,500
Christian Dube Still in 82,500
Claude Begin Still in 81,900
Henrik Michaelsen Still in 81,800
Vipul Grover Still in 81,200
Alexandre Morel Still in 80,500
Linda Huard Still in 77,800
Vasilios Sklavounos Still in 77,600
Patrick Hamelin Still in 76,000
Presten Cloutier Still in 74,900
Matin Boies Still in 72,400
Jean-rene Lafleur Still in 72,000
Patrick Blais Still in 71,900
Gary Yeghiayan Still in 71,500
Josee Tremblay Still in 71,400
Michel Decarie Still in 71,000
Alexandre Daou Still in 70,500
Daniel Munson Still in 70,000
Meir   Still in 68,700
Patrick Azevedo Still in 65,000
Gregory Katayama Still in 65,000
Jay Dubeau Still in 64,400
Mario Brouillard Still in 64,200
Jason Comtois Still in 63,500
Anish Kumar Sood Still in 62,750
Dan Knobovitch Still in 62,400
Stephane Racine Still in 62,300
Simon Marciano Still in 61,600
Jay Srinivasan Still in 61,600
Daniell Nicholls Still in 61,600
Thomas Cohen Still in 60,400
Jasmine Lajoie Still in 58,800
Benoit Mathieu Still in 56,400
Manny Mendes Still in 53,300
Daniel Germain Still in 51,900
Robert Amireault Still in 51,500
Jason Mottershead Still in 50,800
Denis Asselin Still in 50,700
Sebastien Morin Still in 48,900
Christian Demers Still in 48,500
Michael Baker Still in 46,900
Mark Wilson Still in 46,500
Cole Skye Still in 45,800
Luc Robichaud Still in 45,300
Nick King-Edwards Still in 45,200
Roxan Joyal Still in 45,000
Simon Luquette Still in 44,400
Jerome Leclerc Still in 43,500
James Flowers Still in 42,600
Vanessa D’souza Still in 42,100
Marc Touloute Still in 42,000
Andrej Bachynsky Still in 41,500
Patrick Champagne Still in 40,900
Luigi Petrella Still in 40,500
Carole Gareau Still in 40,200
Reno Vaccaro Still in 39,000
Sophie Bourassa Still in 38,100
Maxime Doyon Still in 37,500
Lascelles Roper Still in 36,200
John Clarke Still in 33,700
Marc Champagne Still in 33,300
Benoit Vaillancourt Still in 33,200
Nicolas Majdalani Still in 32,200
Benoit Desmarais Still in 31,200
Stephane Alarie Still in 30,600
Christian Lizotte Still in 30,100
Domenico Vettese Still in 29,300
Miguel Piette Still in 29,100
Teddy Sara Still in 28,900
Kathy Sawers Still in 28,500
Genevieve Champagne Still in 28,500
Costa Tricoulis Still in 27,500
Hagop Keverian Still in 27,000
Thomas Fortin Still in 23,800
Terence Lai Still in 23,400




Last Level 13

Players are well into level 13, the final level to be played today. In a few minutes the TD will announce a number of hands to be played and when each table has played that number of hands the day will wrap up.

At this point the blinds are 1,000/2,000/a300 and there are 152 players left.

We’ll post the final Day 1b chip counts once the bags have all been collected from players.


Level 11 – (222 Players Remaining)

BLINDS 600/1200 / ante 200

Day 1b has reached level 11 and there are 222 players remaining. Blinds are 600/1,200/a200 and they’re playing another 2 levels after this one ends (which is in 25 minutes).


Level 10 – (260 Players Remaining)

BLINDS 500/1000 / ante 100

There are 260 players remaining out of 513 entrants. For those who couldn’t make it here today, you can register to play Days 1c on Monday @7:30 PM.


Level 9 – (293 Players Remaining)

BLINDS 400/800 / ante 100

As the rounds progress, players are dropping off. With a total of 331 players remaining in level 9, the blinds are 400/800 with 100 ante.


Level 8 – (331 Players Remaining)

BLINDS 300/600 / ante 75

As the rounds progress, players are dropping off. With a total of 331 players remaining in level 8, the blinds are 300/600 with 75 ante.


Level 7 – (370 Players Remaining)


Level 6 – (393 Players Remaining)

The final number of entries for today is… 513! Event #1 Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival $100,000 Guaranteed prize pool been surpassed! A total of 1040 Players have entered in Day 1a & 1b. It’s going to be a massive prize pool for an event at this buy-in.


Level 5 – (436 Players Remaining)

BLINDS 150/300 / ante 50

The field will play 13 levels of 30 minutes each today. Total of 436 players that remain. There are 8 more levels left to go today.


Players are on 15 minute Break

We will return with Level 5


Level 4 – (401 Players Remaining)

BLINDS 100/200 / ante 25

There are 401 players remaining out of 459 entrants. For those who cannot make it here today, you can register to play in days 1c.


Level 3 – (389 Players Remaining)

Due to the large turnout yesterday today’s schedule has been extended by one level, so players will play 13 30-minute levels today.

Late registration is still open. They have already reached the published capacity (400) for today in this event but many alternates will be added during the first four levels.


Level 1 –

Players started with 20000 in chips.
Blinds increase every 30 minutes on Day 1, every 40 minutes on Days 2 and 3.

A player may play additional Day 1s even if he/she has survived a previous Day 1. If a player survives more than one Day 1, the player’s smallest stack(s) (by chip count) will be removed from the tournament. Players may not re-enter during any Day 1 they have already played; they may only re-enter the tournament on a subsequent Day 1.

Action is set to go in a few minutes as players are filing in and taking their seats.



UPDATES – DAY 1A: Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival Event #1




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