Umang Dattani Wins First COPC Tournament


Umang Dattani CPTAt about 10:15 PM Central Time last night, the winner of Event #1 of the Canadian Poker Tour was crowned and awarded the top prize of $32,672. After nearly 2 long days of this no-limit hold’em event and a field of 297 worthy opponents, Umang Dattani aka “Ronnie” of Calgary beat Matthew Veres in heads-up to emerge as the winner of this first event.

Matthew will go home with about $21,000 in prize money followed in 3rd place by Tam Tang who won $14,200.  Adam Hamaoui of Montreal who was the chip leader going into Day 2 did a formidable job of holding his lead ahead of 80 other Day 2 opponents but in the end finishing 4th to pocket $11,500. In an interview, Umang told that this has been his favorite tournament win to date. He noted that many poker friends have won tournaments in the past and was ecstatic that this was his turn to come out on top. He will be putting up some of his well-earned prize money to buy-in to the second CPT event which starts the following day. Congratulations Ronnie!

Exclusive Interview with Ronnie



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