Two Bad Beat Jackpots Hit in One Week at Playground Poker Club for $231,000


For the second time inside of a week, the Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) got hit at Montreal’s Playground Poker Club. The term “Bad Beat” in poker is described when a player who has what appears to be a strong hand, inevitably loses to an opponent who held a weaker hand but made it stronger, even though the odds were against him. The term can also used when an incredibly powerful hand loses to an even stronger one, for example, four aces losing to a straight flush.

In the early afternoon of February 16, after climbing up over $131,000, the BBJ hit. The player with the losing hand on the bad beat table walked away with $52,457 (40% of the BBJ while the player with the winning hand took home $26,235 (20% of the BBJ). The remaining players at the table were awarded with $4,372 each while all the other players in the club who were seated at a cash game table won $750 each.

Just five days later after being reset at $100,000, the BBJ hit once again on February 21st, making the total jackpots paid in the week at over $231,000.

These are sizable Bad Beat Jackpots by Canadian casino standards. In order to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, a player must have Aces full of Kings or better beaten with a pocket pair to qualify.

Playground also offer a unique concept One Million Dollar Super Bad Beat Jackpot. If a player finds himself losing with a Queen High Straight Flush at Playground, he alone will walk away with 50% of the Super Bad Beat Jackpot. Anything can happen in poker.



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