Tournament Director Matt Savage Narrowly Escapes Paralysis After Waterslide Accident


Matt Savage accident surgeryFamous poker tournament director Matt Savage has been released from hospital after an operation to the cervical spine which has saved him from becoming paralyzed.

Savage had hit his head in a water slide a few weeks ago and since then complained of severe back pain and numbness in the arm. Initial investigations came to nothing.

A magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) revealed a diagnosis of “cervical stenosis”, a narrowing of the cervical spinal canal with three acute pinched nerves, which can even lead to paralysis without treatment.

After the operation on Wednesday Savage remained two days in the hospital and must wear a neck brace for a month.

Matt is best known for officiating a number of televised poker events including the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour and is one of the founding members of the Tournament Directors Association.

We wish Matt a speedy recovery.


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