Top Online Poker Innovations of 2012


As a whole the online poker industry has experienced an uplift this year despite some slowdown and although and onslaught of gaming regulation in Europe and much anticipated intrastate regulation in the United States has forced poker networks to ring fence players in certain countries, software providers have tried to innovate a pretty straightforward game called Texas Hold’em by packaging it around exciting new elements.

Here are some of the top innovations that have impacted the online poker industry in 2012.

Fast Fold Poker

Since originally being introduced by Full Tilt Poker as Rush Poker some three years ago, the concept of fast fold poker which places a player in a new seat at a new table almost immediately is a poker room’s dream because it maximizes the amount of hands per hour played by a player and in turn maximizes revenues per player. Unless a player is multi-tabling on a lot of tables which are constantly moving, he does not have to sit and wait for the action at his table to finish once he has folded and he can get started on a new hand right away.

About 5 prominent online poker networks have rolled out a version of fast fold poker in 2012 including PokerStars Zoom Poker, Party Poker Fast Forward, Microgaming Blaze Poker, iPoker Speed Poker, Relax Gaming Fast Poker and of course the return of Rush Poker with the relaunch of Full Tilt.

If this concept was at all physically possible in a live casino environment, the casino poker rooms would go from being the least profitable part of the casino to probably being the most profitable.

Mobile Poker

The majority of us are always on the go and let’s face it, we live on our mobile phones and have grown to become dependent on them, especially those of us on smartphones. Having the ability to log in a few hands while on the go or on a lunch break is pretty cool.

Playing on a mobile phone of tablet of course does not always work for the hard core poker player who must have several tables open at the same time because it is not practical due to limitations with the smaller screen size and some limited game functionalities.

But more and more poker sites are seeking out recreational type players anyhow, therefore we can expect to see more mobile poker applications being introduced.

Social Poker

More and more people are on facebook and using social media as a way to communicate with their peers without picking up a phone or writing an email. They just post on facebook and expose their life to the world. Facebook has become a doorway to enter the world of social poker with a simple click of a button and no time consuming registration processes like ordinary online poker sites.

Zynga Poker boasts over 30 million users every month, making it the world’s largest online game. Players can play the apps on a variety of smart phones and tablets making social poker very convenient to play because of the portability. You can even play while sitting and watching TV.

With the United States real money poker market having been attacked over the past couple of years since Black Friday, this has left little options for online poker players. Social poker has managed to fill some of that gap.

Social Poker has also allowed minors from all over the world to wet their feet in poker because there are no laws and no real money exchanges being made.


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