Tom Dwan Makes $1.5 Million in a DAY Online


Tom-Dwan-PhotoFor those of us who grind out on the virtual felt day to day trying to win a couple of BB’s/hour, there is always the dream of working your bankroll up to the high stakes arena and taking a shot there. Tom “durrrr” Dwan has been involved in the high stakes arena for years now and he had one of his best days ever recently playing Pot Limit Omaha.

The stakes were at $500/$1000 and he played heads up against Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies. Ziigmund has also been a constant at the nosebleed level stakes in recent years, so you knew with these two guys fireworks were just itching to go off.Sahamies-Photo

After a relatively quiet first 500 hands or so, Dwan ended up catching a heater that led to his great night in winnings. One of the hands that got it rolling for durrrr was when the action was five-bet preflop and the cards peeled off with a 5-8-J on the board; two of them hearts. Tom decided that this was a great board to pull off the check-raise move and the pot was now a whopping $416,000 after Ziigmund shoved his remaining chips and Tom made the call. Dwan was had an open-ended straight draw along with the nut flush draw and was up against top two from Ziigmund. The turn card was a 4 and Dwan managed to take down the pot after the river bricked off.

After the initial 500 hands saw few big pots, the next 500 hands were full of them and when the night was done, Dwan had won over $1.2 million from Sahamies after only about 1000 hands. Combine those winnings from his others from earlier in the day, one could say that Dwan had quiet the day with over $1.5 million in profit.



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