Today at The 2011 WSOP, Day 41- 1c over Doubles Previous 2 Starts

Jonathan Duhamel 2011 WSOP

The number of players starting on Day 1c of the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Championship seen a significant increase on Saturday, helping boost optimistic attendance estimates to just over 4000 players that have already played over the past 3 days.

If Day 1d sees anywhere near the same 2,181 player field that turned out, earlier predictions of the Main Event not breaking 6000 entries are no longer applicable.

WSOP officials are reporting that the amount of players already registered exceeds the 6000 mark, now hoping that more than 7000 total is even achievable. In the end, it looks like despite all the doom and gloom associated with problems in the online poker sectors and many players unable to secure seats via satellites run by the sites, it will only make a difference of a thousand or less “Main Event” seats filled.

In the big picture, this looks to be one of the best World Series of Poker attendances yet, when the preliminary events are taken into consideration. It seems indeed though it may keen getting out of the house, when it comes to the WSOP and qualifying, there is “life” outside online poker.

With the last chance to play on “the big stage” now apron us, Sunday will see a number of top Canadians take their seats; Matthew Jarvis is locked and loaded and ready to go, according to his social media accounts today; as is Greg Mueller. Steve Goosen, Marc Karam and Terrence Chan are a few more household names reporting their pre-main excitement to the “twitterverse” this morning. Also in a last minute decision and late flight, Brad “Yukon” Booth has also entered the Main Event field, some great breaking news for friends and fans.

For those keeping an eye on our reigning World Champion; Jonathan Duhamel has advanced with healthy chip stack to restart on Monday. Though he has a long way to go to catch the chipleaders, this isn’t his first “poker picnic” and for now, he is well on pace.

Both Gavin Smith and Sorel Mizzi are amongst those Canadian professional players having already played their starting “flights”, both advancing with better than average stacks. 2011 bracelet winner Tyler Bonkowski has more than a few starting stacks in his pile; the Regina Saskatchewan player looking to continue his epic year.

Fort Moody British Columbia player Daniel Skolovy has a top ten chip count already, with nearly T150,000, or roughly five times his starting stack after just five levels of play; a fantastic spot to be in so early.

Daniel Negreanu is also onto Day 2, as are hometown favorites Chris Back of BC and Samuel Ngai and Paul Brar of Alberta, though with thousands of players advancing to Day 2a or 2b, it’s going to take a little while to sort out who is going to make the money and who is headed home empty handed.

Owen Crowe and Eric Seidel are a couple of popular players for whom the World Series of Poker is now “officially” over for, with many other crowd favorites also hitting the rail; a couple of Mizrachi brothers are also out, as both Rob and Michael have been eliminated.

Phil Hellmuth also played his starting day yesterday; though it didn’t go nearly as well as it did for his 2011 arch “rival” Ben Lamb. Hellmuth will carry only about a third of a starting stack forward to his Day 2, narrowly escaping short stack elimination a few times yesterday, while Lamb, who could snatch the Player of The Year title away from Phil with a deep run in the Main Event, currently sits with the 2nd top chip counts of thousands. Should Lamb succeed, this could be one degassing year for Hellmuth when it comes to the validation of titles, though winnings wise, he has dominated the pack.

After today, the field for the “Day Twos”, will be set, starting the real excitement that comes with the World Series of Poker $10,000 No Limit Championship. Good Luck to everyone from for the final start day today!





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