Three Men Arrested With Counterfeit Chips at Casino Regina


Cashiers at Casino Regina realized that they had been given counterfeit chips last week. Three men attempted to pass off $2 chips that were painted to look like $500 chips. Apparently the paint that was used rubbed off and the chips were the wrong weight and that tipped off the cashiers who then alerted casino security and the police.

The three men were arrested and charged with fraud-related offences after they attempted to cash the casino chips last week.

Eric Micheal Robert Oksasikewiyin, a 21-yearold of Saskatoon was arrested and appeared before the Regina Provincial Court on Thursday. His lawyer moved the case to next week.

Another Saskatoon resident, Mohammed Abdulr Abdallah, 30, was arrested and also charged while the third man fled.

The following night after the first incident, someone else attempted to cash counterfeit chips and the police were alerted and arrested 20-year-old Regina resident Drew Andrew Peters.

There are seven different denominations of tokens used at the casino, all of varying weights and colours, so the fakes were easily spotted by staff.

This sort of thing is not uncommon in the casino industry.


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