The New Big Game is at Ivey’s Room


Ivey Room LogoBobby’s Room at the Bellagio has been traditionally known for its “big game” with limits such as $2,000/$4,000 in the past, but the days of those huge games are disappearing. Earlier this year the Aria Casino opened up “The Ivey Room”, a top notch, sound-proofed room with only one poker table and service to the nines. Ivey’s room has a regular $200/$400 mixed game going almost daily and big name pros like Eli Elezra, Barry Greenstein and Todd Brunson are always there to be involved.

The Ivey Room is a luxurious poker room with private televisions and extremely comfortable chairs for the high-stakes poker pros to enjoy while playing. The players are also serviced by the Aria’s “villa butlers: that are willing to bring your food from any restaurant on the grounds.

Ivey’s room has become the place where the “big game” is held largely in part to Jean-Robert Bellande who has invited other top pros to the game via Twitter, become the official spokesman for Aria, and has just let the luxury and greatness of the game do the rest of the selling. Since then, some Bellagio regulars have come to see the game for themselves and they end up staying for awhile.

The goal behind developing Ivey’s Room was to attract high-stakes, big-name poker professionals to the game and help transform the Aria Casino into one of the top poker destinations in Vegas. The room is a fresh, younger take on the Big Game which is important for today’s poker scene because of how many players are so young these days. Phil Ivey is deeply proud to have his name associated with this room and he hopes that the games here will continue to grow in the coming months and years.So, when you are down in Vegas testing your skills on the felt, make sure to stop in to the Aria; one of the hottest poker rooms in town.

The New Big Game is at Ivey’s Room!


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