Texas To Legalise Texas Hold’em Poker


Ironically, you currently can’t play Texas Hold’em in a card room in Texas, the State where the game originated from in the 1900’s, but a bill introduced this week calls for licensing live poker within the state.

The law named the “Poker Gaming Act of 2013” would allow for poker to be licensed and played in existing gambling establishments if passed. Cash games stakes have no cap and the maximum rake in Texas would be 10 percent of the pot up to $4, with a possible additional $1 drop for player bonuses. Tournaments would have a buy-in limit of $100.

The law would not allow for online poker or other casino games.

Currently there are only bingo halls, pari-mutuel facilities, tribal casinos and state-owned lotteries operating in Texas.

It is estimated that Texas residents gamble away more than $2.5 billion each year at casinos in neighbouring states.

Much of the tax revenue collected from poker would end up going to help the homeless and underprivileged.



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