Texas Hold’em Poker Strategies


Texas Holdem is easily the most popular card game in the world. People have the ability to play this game at home, in local casinos, on the internet and are even travelling around the world to participate in new and exciting games. While the game is an old game, it will never be considered old fashioned and it will always be popular because Anyone can play the game. There is an old saying that it takes minutes to learn the game and a lifetime to master it; this is why Texas Holdem has been so greatly accepted by millions across the world. While it is a game of luck in the end, strategies, tips and education can provide you with an edge that will allow you to succeed over luck in the long run.

One of the key aspects of Texas Holdem, and Poker as a whole, is that you must learn to read your opponents and anticipate their moves as much as possible. By learning and understanding when they are bluffing or when they are trapping will help you to make better decisions in the long run. Focussing on your 2 cards is just as important as focusing on what your opponents my have. It is always key to remember that the 5 community cards laid out are not only helping you, but helping your opponents. Learning the reactions your opponents have to these 5 cards will help you to gauge what they may have and how you can in turn react against them.

The first decision you take in Texas Holdem is the most important one. One key tip is, if you are playing a live poker game, make sure that you are the only one watching your cards while you look at them. I always find that the best way to do this is, when you first receive a card look at it. Then wait until the final cards are thrown out and it is your turn to look at the second. This way, when you do look at your cards, you already know one, and will not give away any surprises when you look at them both. Try as hard as you can to keep all of your emotions on the inside. Even if you are going to fold the hand, you do not want to give away any information to your opponents. Another trick here in live poker, is to count to 3 in your head after you have looked at your cards, and make your decision. Do this for every hand, and then there is nothing to give away.

One of the most important strategies in poker is patience, and trust me, you need a lot of it! A good poker player plays between 16-20% of their hands in a game over the long run. If you think about that, it means that 80% of the time you are folding your cards.

Position is crucial to the skill of Texas Holdem. The later your turn is, the more information you are able to gather before it is time for you to act. Take advantage of this information and play your position as well as your cards.
Knowing the odds of your hands can be very helpful in the decisions that you are making. For example; if you are getting 6:1 odds on your money, then you should be involved in the hand. If you are getting 1:2 odds on your money, its not such a great situation to be in.

If you are just beginning to play poker, its important to learn the basic strategies of poker before you start trying out tricky things like bluffing and check-raising. Spend your time learning the game and understanding your opponents better so that you can build your instincts.


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