Texas Hold’em Facebook App Responsible for Leaked User Info


facebook-iconOver the last year or so, the popular social networking site Facebook has been under scrutiny for its security and user privacy concerns. The latest involves certain popular Facebook applications like Texas Hold’em Poker and Farmville leaking out users’ personal information to dozens of Internet monitoring companies and advertising agencies that love using this information to their advantage.

Even users with the highest privacy settings can be exposed by this flaw in Facebook’s software that are passing on the User ID to these companies because of how those apps work on the Facebook site. This leak has caused quite a lot of concern for Facebook users because Facebook has continually led its users to believe that their privacy settings and user information are protected under the strictest guidelines, yet news like this hits the internet every couple of months.

Facebook-Zynga-PokerThe Texas Hold’em poker app was a great learning tool for those who are new to the game and also another way for friends to play against one another in a friendly setting. For now, it appears that all users of this app on their Facebook account should stay clear of it and likely remove it from their settings.

As this is a bad thing for Facebook, the online poker scene is relatively unscathed because it was just a friendly app for fun use. These users may now be targeted by marketing companies involved with online gaming which presents numerous other issues, but online poker is still safe and secure.


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