Sports Site Back Online Hours after Police Raided Super Bowl Party


The massive police raid that took place less than two weeks ago on Super Bowl Sunday in Markham, Ontario in conjunction with a sports betting ring lead to several arrests and also the seizure of $2.5 million in funds and seizure and shutdown of the internet domain of a related online sportsbook Visitors to that domain are still greeted by by a notice stating that the web site has been “restrained by court order granted to the Attorney General of Ontario.”

However, media reports indicate that the website was back online as within hours of the shutdown. The .tk top level domain belongs to Tokelau, a non-self-governing territory off the coast of New Zealand. The .tk version of the domain name was reportedly registered in 2004, suggesting that the group operating the sports book had set up contingency plans for a seizure of its .com website.

According to a statement in the National Post, “Agents have been notifying players of changes. Nothing has changed. Police are making a fool of themselves. This book will never be shut down,” said a long-time Platinum customer who asked that his name not be published because, “I don’t want the Mafia blowing my house up.”


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