Sorel Mizzi Story has another Chapter

Sorel Mizzi
Sorel Mizzi

A little over a week ago we wrote about another controversy surrounding Sorel Mizzi involving a computer program that could enable players to take over for other poker players deep in a tournament from a different location while still maintaining the same IP address.

There has been quite a lot of reaction in the poker world regarding these claims, and Mizzi himself had heard enough of it and decided to voice his own thoughts about this issue. Mizzi used the same forum that broke this news to write a long and emotional response regarding this potential computer program, the supposed conversation and his colourful past. He first addressed that the log stating he had a program able to do what was suggested before was not authentic and that the original poster had edited numerous conversations with Mizzi to get that final product and that these logs were taken from Mizzi’s computer without permission to do so.

He says that the user had attempted to blackmail Mizzi previously for not releasing the transcript and that he had completely ignored those threats before. It appears as though with a tainted past like Mizzi has, he would be a prime target for something like this because the poker world tends to self-regulate itself and Mizzi believes his reputation as already suffered enough in the poker world.

Due to allegations like this and problems with online poker in the past, Mizzi used 2010 to hone is live game and he has been on fire this season. He has four tournament wins, eight other appearances at final tables and he is miles ahead in points for the Bluff Magazine Player of the Year race. He has been taken under the wing of Barry Greenstein who has mentored the young Canadian pro this year and wants to help him rebuild his reputation along with improve on the felt.

Mizzi has done that this year, and this issue appears to be another hurdle for him to clear. In his emotional post, Mizzi went on the mention other times where he cheated in the past, hoping to cleanse himself of the guilt he feels for those actions. Well some in the poker world respected the honesty in his admissions; others believe that the timing of the admission is something to be sceptical about given the chat log post about another cheating scandal.

One thing for sure is that this story is not over, and we hope that Mizzi continues to play poker the right way and stay away from the same mistakes he made in the past.


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