Sorel Mizzi Leads Final 8 with $4.4 Million for Winner

sorel_mizzi-AsiaCanadian Sorel Mizzi will be Friday’s chip leader when the final 8 of the GuangDong Ltd. Asia Millions Main Event return to play for a top prize of $36.4 million HKD; the rough equivalent of $4.4 million here in Canada.

The remaining players are all guarantee about $774,000 for making the money in what is said to be the 15th largest prize-pool in poker tournament history.

71 entrants bought in for a cool $1,000,000 HKD (~$130,000 CAD) as well as pumping the pot with 54 re-buys. Along with Sorel, Canadians Mike McDonald, Mike Watson and Jonathan Duhamel made the trip to the high stakes Macau tournament; with “Timex” and Duhamel in for 3 million HKD each according to the PokerStarsBlog as well as Mizzi and Watson in for HKD 2 million more a head, our high roller contenders laid about $1.3 million on the line combined for their shot at a massive payday in a relatively small field.

The past Bluff magazine Player of the Year now stands to more than double his investment with his performance so far, and is guaranteed to take over 3rd on the Canadian all time money list after a nearly $900,000 Super High roller score already this year.

Should he win, Mizzi will still be a few million behind Duhamel and Neagreanu but would break 10,000,000 in total live tournament cashes.

Sorel sits with 28.3 million in chips with the average stack around 15.625 million and the shortest player sitting at just under 6 million.

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