Sorel Mizzi Involved in yet Another Controversy


Sorel MizziDo you remember back in 2007 when Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi, a professional poker player from Toronto and Chris Vaughn were caught in a cheating scandal for the 1M Guaranteed tournament on Full Tilt Poker?  If you didn’t hear this story, it was one of the first major cheating discoveries online, and while Sorel & Chris denied the allegations at first, they came to confess to sharing accounts.  The best line of 2007, spoken by Sorel Mizzi was “No, I’m not playing multi-accounts, I just play more than one”

In 2008, a rumor surfaced that Sorel Mizzi was found cheating in the WCOOP at PokerStars, but the allegations were never proved to be true.
Now in 2010, Sorel Mizzi’s name is buzzing with controversy over another scandal that proves to be more than just a bit of cheating, but an insane proposition to undermine online poker rooms and use an intricate bot system to win a lot of money.

We are not aware of how this could come to surface, but an IM chat between Sorel Mizzi and Steve “thorladen” Weinstein was posted on one of the largest international poker forums.  The two were discussing a program that would allow a remote user to take over a tournament for another player while still maintaining the same IP Address.

This excerpt below was taken from that chat:

Sorel- Toronto says:
now theres more than 1 way we can profit from this program obv
Sorel- Toronto says:
the most obvious is just watching and taking over for your stakes when they’re deep in a tournament
Sorel- Toronto says:
the beauty of it is
Sorel- Toronto says:
ur not logging in from another IP
Sorel- Toronto says:
all you’re doing is controlling their mouse and keyboard
thor says:
yeh thats sick
Sorel- Toronto says:
and they can take it over again right away with the click of a mouse
Sorel- Toronto says:
ive been experimenting with the program for about 2 weeks
Sorel- Toronto says:
and now im very familiar with it

Some call this program insane and others call it genius, but no matter which way you look at it, the possibility of a program like this will cause a lot of commotion!  Sharing accounts online is against every online poker room’s Terms and Conditions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the big online poker rooms don’t already have a program to detect this type of software.


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