Sorel Mizzi 2010 Bluff Magazine Player of the Year


Poker player Sorel MizziBluff Magazine and ESPN have been jointly collaborating to track what is known as the BLUFF / ESPN Power Rankings, a system designed to rank poker players in the industry. Determining who the best player is at the end of a poker tournament is easy. It’s the player with all the chips. Figuring out who the best tournament player is over the course of a year requires a little bit of math. Over the past five years the BLUFF Magazine Player of the Year formula has evolved to become a leading award in the poker industry.

The BLUFF Magazine Player of the Year formula takes into consideration alternate scoring methodologies for shootouts, short-handed and heads-up tournaments. Players receive points if they play in any open tournament held by one of the following organizations:

  • World Series of Poker, Las Vegas
  • World Series of Poker, Europe
  • World Series of Poker Circuit Events
  • World Poker Tour
  • Wynn Classic Tournaments
  • European Poker Tour
  • North American Poker Tour
  • Latin American Poker Tour
  • Asia Pacific Poker Tour
  • Aussie Millions
  • Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza

Player of the Year Scoring Formula: There are three pieces of information factored into the formula:

1. Finishing Position (Players must cash in order to receive points)

2. Amount of the Buy-in

3. Number of Entrants

The points are calculated by multiplying the point factors from all three criteria.

In 2010, Canadian poker pro Sorel Mizzi has racked up the most points to end the year with the top honours. Only weeks ago, Mizzi added to his total with a ninth place finish in the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Poker Classic Main Event and a seventh place at a side event of the European Poker Tour in Prague.

Congratulations Sorel!!!

Here’s the current top twenty in the BLUFF/ESPN Power Rankings:

1st: Sorel Mizzi – 1,949.32 points
2nd: Eric Baldwin – 1,548.16 points
3rd: Jason Mercier – 1,540.14 points
4th: Tom Marchese – 1,257.30 points
5th: Scott Clements – 1,138.33 points
6th: Vanessa Selbst – 1,109.58 points
7th: Phil Ivey – 1,103.44 points
8th: David Peters – 1,092.71 points
9th: Daniel Alaei – 1,092.26 points
10th: Dwyte Pilgrim – 1,091.64 points
11th: Chris Bjorin – 1,091.14 points
12th: Michael Binger – 1,066.69 points
13th: James Van Alstyne – 1,027.06 points
14th: Michael Mizrachi – 961.00 points
15th: Jose (Nacho) Barbero – 919.44 points
16th: Juan Carlos Mortensen – 910.75 points
17th: Chris Bell – 909.00 points
18th: John Juanda – 906.58 points
19th: Frank Kassela – 903.44 points
20th: Sam Stein – 888.63 points

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