Setrak Suloukji Wins the $5000 + $300 NLH High Roller at Playground Poker Club


Setrak-SuloukjiAfter about half-an hour of heads-up play in which Hank Sitton managed to chip up to just about an equal stack with Setrak Suloukji, a hand developed very quickly which saw Hank get it in very good against Seto (as he’s known) only to lose as the board dealt a disaster for Hank.

The players were all in with (for Seto) against Hank’s – Seto was dominated. The players were all in preflop and the board ran out – giving Seto the nut straight.

The players had made a deal as heads-up play began to split the remaining prize pool less $10K and the Championship Belt.


$5000 + $300 NLH High Roller Final Payouts

Rank First Name Last Name Prize
1 Setrak Suloukji $84,686.00 + Championship Belt
2 Hank Sitton $74,686.00
3 Darren Elias $35,987.00
4 John Andress $25,705.00
5 Shannon Shorr $20,564.00
6 Pascal Lefrançois $15,422.00

Note: These payouts reflect a deal that was made with 2 players remaining. The players agreed to set aside and play for $10,000.00 of the prize pool and the Championship Belt and to chop the remaining prize money.


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