Sequel Confirmed for the Movie “Rounders”


Rounders Poker Movie PosterAfter years of speculation it appears that the sequel to Rounders will finally make it to production, as announced by Miramax Films. Although not too many details have surfaced about the project, and there’s no official confirmation on the cast, several of the actors in the original movie have indicated they wouldn’t be opposed to returning for a sequel.

Rounders is a 1998 film about the underground world of high-stakes poker. Directed by John Dahl and starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, John Malkovich, and John Turturro, the movie follows two friends who need to quickly earn enough cash playing poker to pay off a large debt. The term “rounder” refers to a person whose primary means of earning a living is by playing cards.

The movie opened to mixed reviews and made only a modest amount of money. However, with the growing popularity of Texas Hold ’em and other poker games, Rounders has become a cult hit.

With a star studded cast and the ever increasing popularity of poker,  Rounders 2 would definitely be a must see for poker players.

The original Rounders is a fantastic movie and for those that haven’t seen it, you should because it is one of the most under rated films of the last 10 years.


  1. One can only hope that they will do the original justice – however with the plethora of horrible poker movies and mini-series (Tilt), I can’t be too confident.


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