Scott Montgomery Gets Robbed in the Bellagio Bathroom


Scott-Montgomery-PhotoAs we recently reported, Poker Pro Scott Montgomery of Perth, Ontario has been heating things up with Annette Obrestad off the felt!  Unfortunately, the latest news we discovered regarding the 5th place finisher of the 2008 WSOP Main Event ($3,088,012) isn’t as light-hearted.

While playing in the Festa al Lago preliminary event at the prestigious Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Scott Montgomery went to the bathroom on break and was robbed!  Montgomery posted on his twitter account the following statements:

“Got mugged today at Bellagio. Black guy pulled a knife on me in the restroom. I gave him the $2k in my wallet and he left.”

“I called security, but they took like 15 mins so they didn’t catch him. They are useless twits. Didn’t even ask me to look at camera footage.”

“Security pretty much just said oh well, life sucks, have a nice day. I’m pretty annoyed.”

Was this a planned attack or just a case of ‘wrong place at the wrong time’? Actually, there really aren’t many details available beyond Scott’s twitter comments, some responses and a thread discussion on another poker forum.  What we can say is that, for a man who has won over $4.1 Million in poker tournament prize money, a loss of $2,000 is a much better result than being attacked, injured or even killed.

This isn’t the first time a professional poker player has experienced a personal robbery at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  In 2004, after he won the WSOP Main Event, Greg Raymer was harassed by robbers during the 2004 Five Diamond Poker Classic.   The robbers tried to force Raymer into his hotel room, but he decided to fight back!  Thankfully, Greg was not badly harmed and the robbers were arrested and put in jail 6 months later.


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