Ryan Theriault Wins 2011 Atlantic Canada Poker Championship



Ryan Theriault 2011 ACPC Winner
Ryan Theriault Poses for CanadaPoker to commemorate his big win

The fourth annual Atlantic Canada Poker Championship was hosted over the weekend at the Red Shores Racetrack & Casino in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The event broke attendance records by selling out several days before the start of the tournament.

A total of 320 players competed for a massive $160,000 prize pool. The buy-in was $500 and the tournament ran four qualifying Day 1 sessions of eighty players each. This No-Limit Hold’em tournament event attracted many players from across Canada.

The final heads-up matchup was between Ryan Theriault of Fall River, NS and Kyle Myers of Dartmouth, NS. In the final hand of the match, Ryan was holding :Ah :9h and  Kyle had :7s :Kd. The board was :6c :7d :3s :Td :8h which initially favoured Kyle who had flopped a pair of sevens, but the game of poker is full of surprises and the river card gave Ryan the straight and the victory. Ryan won $40,000 for first prize and claims the 2011 ACPC Champion title. Kyle’s 2nd place finish secured him $24,000. The tournament paid the top 32 players, 10 percent of the field.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the Red Shores Casino staff for hosting a really great poker tournament.

Here is the final list of winners:



Player Name



 1 $40,000 Ryan Theriault Fall River NS
2 $24,000 Kyle Myers Dartmouth NS
3 $14,400 Matt Wilkins Stratford PE
4 $10,880 Rob Davis Wassis Lincoln NB
5 $8,000 Cecil Luke Wassis Lincoln NB
6 $6,560 Darryl Gallivan Aspen NS
7 $5,440 Ryan Drake Stratford PE
8 $4,640 Danny Li Montague PE
9 $4,000 Claude Rideout Halifax NS
10 $3,360 John Boutilier Alder Point NS
11 $3,360 Jeff Kennedy St. John NB
12 $3,360 Paul Goulden Shelburne NS
13 $2,720 Vandra Duff Moncton NB
14 $2,720 Jerome Theriault Moncton NB
15 $2,720 Gerald MacLeod Cape Breton NS
16 $2,080 Norman Overdyke Cape Breton NS
17 $2,080 Jamie Drisdelle Dieppe NB
18 $2,080 Jack MacDonald Charlottetown PE
19 $1,440 David Meunier Moncton NB
20 $1,440 Craig Rout Gallant Charlottetown PE
21 $1,440 David Edgett Charlottetown PE
22 $1,440 Mitchell Proctor Lower River NS
23 $1,280 Nick Henneberry Sambro NS
24 $1,280 Joseph Hinkley Cape Breton NS
25 $1,280 Emmerson Duff Glace Bay NS
26 $1,280 Stephen Kirk Guysborough NS
27 $1,120 Daniel Tomah Woodstock NB
28 $1,120 Roman Gallivan Sydney NS
29 $1,120 Craig Crossman Moncton NB
30 $1,120 Shane Brotherwood Calgary AB
31 $1,120 Raymond Boutilier Sydney Mines NS
32 $1,120 Troy Gallant St. John NB


Final Hand 2011 Atlantic Canada Poker Championships


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