Royal Series of Poker at the Montreal Casino Results – February 7, 2015



The latest edition of the popular Série Royale de Poker just wrapped up at Casino de Montréal this Saturday, February 7. A total of 75 players participated in this $1,100 buy-in tournament to create a prize pool of more than $72,000 that paid the top 7 players. The top three players made a deal for $56,400 and played out for $2,875 which was won by Benoit Jean. The official winner of this Series was  Samuel Barre-Comtois who took $23,000.

Here are the Série Royale tournament results.


1 Samuel Barre-Comtois  $         23,000.00
2 Yacine Ou-Halima  $         17,600.00
3 Benoit Jean  $         14,000.00  Plus $ 2,875.00
4 Nick-Real Seide  $           6,550.00
5 Paul-Bogdan Mohorea  $           3,640.00
6 Daniel Schreiber  $           2,910.00
7 Eric Boissonneault-Langevin  $           2,185.00

The next Série Royale will be held on March 14-15, 2015 with a $2,500 buy-in. Satellites will start two weeks prior.

Congratulations to the winners!



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