River Rock Casino Final 9 Set for WSOP-C Vancouver & 99 Payout Results


Only 9 players of the 1032 entry field now remain for the World Series of Poker-Circuit Main Event at the River Rock CasinoResort in Vancouver; more than $286,000 and some hefty bragging rights await one of them on November 7th.

Everybody remaining is now guaranteed an at least $28,236 finish, though Sonny Sekhon seems pretty serious about claiming the win after finishing both Day 2 and 3 as the chip leader.

Look out for the man sitting third in chips however; we have a decently solid feeling that if Calvin Anderson is indeed the Edmonton player usually listed as “Calvin X”, the rest of the table will have their work cut out for them.

Just 30 players remained at the start of Wednesday’s play, but it still took a shift at the felts to bring it down to this:

  1. Sonny Sekhon – 4,660,000
  2. Ryan Biermann – 3,085,000
  3. Calvin Anderson – 2,755,000
  4. John Crnic – 2,415,000
  5. Tyler St. Clair – 1,960,000
  6. Mal Hagen – 1,735,000
  7. Michael Collins – 1,595,000
  8. Justin Ciolfitto – 1,490,000
  9. Glenn Sullivan – 1,010,000
Sonny Sekhon


With blinds at 25k/50k and a 5k ante, the shortest stack sits with about 13.5 BB and an M of less than 9, the chip leader at 62 BB and nearly 40 M deep, we should expect to see some quick eliminations before the big money hits.

No matter what, it will be an exciting day as the first ever WSOP-C Main Event ring ever is awarded on Canadian soil.

99 other players did also walk away with a little loot for their efforts as follows:

Norman Overdijk

10th-12th: Seth Maretz, Andrew Tai, Nick Halvorson – $22,756

13th-15th: Brian Scott, Steven Schartner, Lawrence Iampen – $18,545

16th-18th: Mark Potovsky, Shreeniwas Kelkar, Christopher Gunnarssonn – $15,279

19th-21st: David Pecaski, David Lim, Jamie Youngman – $12,725

22nd-24th: Richard En, Afshin Majidi, Edmond Lu – $10,712

25th-27th: Norman Overdijk, Robert Berglund, Douglas Wasyk – $9,118

28th-30th: Sheng Huang, Antony Vidmer, Trevor Martin – $7,848

31st-33rd: Raymond Stafford, Lillian Chan, Jordan Hamilton – $6,827

34th-36th: Paul Zdebiak, Bradley Wilson, Graham Lupton – $6,006

37th-45th: Isaac Baron, Michael MacCannell, Sean Giesbrecht, Jagtar Brar, Jay Glass, Joel Micka, Ahmed Amin, Jiachen Gong, Joon Park – $5,341

46th-63rd: Phillip Dagger, Carson Wong, Andy Nguyen, Jason Dong, Arash Dabagh, Jesse Johnston, Glen Cymbaluk, Shane Brotherwood, Kelly Kellner, Sal Haji, Sukhpaul Dhaliwal, Robbie Roscoe, Jurge Richards, Tyler Lee, Angelos Argiropoulous, Robin Bergren, Cary Marshall, Simon Harvie – $4,350

64th-81st: Marc Verheil, Glyn Gracias, Chris Nishi, Scott Stiglitz, Richard Campeau, Scott Stanko, Louis Lam, Steven Jennings, Eitan Even, Anthony Wise, Ki Nam, Lorenzo Ceccacci, Karla Leduc, Clark Hamagami, Joesph Misener, Jingjing Liu, David Sun, Joel Kaake – $3,653

82nd-90th: Steven Dahrouge, Scott Clements, Joey Vensel, Thomas Popov, Eric Truong, Yan Lee, James Weisgerber, Justin Mandair, Sage Brockleback – $3,359

91st-99th: Kevin Le, Ryan Smith, Matthew Pang, Peter Redekopp, Cole Jeeson, Harbir Gill, Timmy McIntyre, Gurdeep Klair, Curtis Berntsen – $3,096

100th-108th: Roberto Minici, Nicola Catroppa, Korie Wong, Daniel Idema, Justin Leeson, Robert Snider, Dean May, Darren Kennedy, Patrick Wang – $2,848

Final Table Payouts

 $  286,382.00
2nd  $  177,060.00
3rd  $  131,580.00
4th  $    98,917.00
5th  $    75,217.00
6th  $    57,864.00
7th  $    45,031.00
8th  $    35,449.00
9th  $    28,236.00
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