Red Bull… Coffee for Poker Players ?


red bullMany poker players clock in a lot of hours at the tables. Playing a live monster session can take its toll and in the online world, where tournaments run to completion and there are no major breaks, sometimes even making a run for the bathroom is not an option much less staying awake for 20 hours straight.

Poker players, many of them students have opted for energy drinks to get their rush of caffeine to help keep them awake and sharp when playing long sessions. Red Bull is considered the Kleenex of energy drinks. But what’s inside that little can that “gives you wings”?

There have been many warnings published against energy drinks. Studies have also shown that healthy blood vessels can show some signs of damage after drinking just one can and countries like France, Uruguay, Norway, and Denmark have banned the drink.

Red Bull is banned in some countries due to the ingredient Taurine not being allowed in certain products in these countries such as Denmark and Norway. Taurine is an amino acid found naturally in your body which Red Bull synthetically produce for their energy drinks. vodka red bull

Red Bull is also ever present at many poker parties at clubs along vodka and there are many warnings out there about the danger of mixing energy drinks with alcohol.

Here is some advice. Skip or limit the energy drinks because they will make you more tired when the buzz wears off. Try to eat normally and drink plenty of water. Eat at the poker table if you have to. The carbs will give you energy and the water will keep you hydrated. Try keeping good posture and sit up straight in your chair; many players are infamous for sitting in odd positions. Getting too relaxed will make it more difficult to stay awake.

To help stay alert, there’s an amino acid called tyrosine that can be found in certain foods like eggs, some cheeses and dairy products like yogurt.

You can also stimulate your brain by taking three fingers and tapping the top of your skull three times.

The best preparation for playing long sessions is to get a good period of sleep right before.


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