Record Bad Beat Jackpot of over $125,000 is up for grabs at Dakota Dunes Casino


Dakota Dunes Casino Bad Beat Jackpot

One unlucky turned lucky poker player at Dakota Dunes Casino will walk away with more than $125,000 thanks to the largest bad beat jackpot in Saskatchewan’s history of poker.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority’s Dakota Dunes Casino, located just 20 kilometres south of Saskatoon on Whitecap First Nation, is set to pay out more than $125,000.

The Dakota Dunes Casino is located just 20 kilometres south of Saskatoon on Whitecap First Nation.

A “bad beat” is a poker term used for an occurrence when a strong poker hand loses to an even stronger poker hand. When the qualifying bad beat hand takes place, all the active players in the hand will be eligible to take home a players share of the jackpot. The “winner” with the qualifying bad beat hand will be awarded the bulk of the bad beat amount.

To qualify for the bad beat jackpot at Dakota Dunes Casino, a player must be using both hole cards with one being an Ace to make a full house of Aces over Jacks or better, that is beat by another player at the same table holding a pocket pair which results in a hand of 4 of a kind or better. There must be a minimum of four players at the table when this occurs.



  1. It’s actually split as follows:
    Loser of the hand: 40%
    Winner of the hand: 20%
    Anyone else dealt into the hand split: 40%


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