Quebec Contingent Cashes In – Jason Lavallee Chops EPT Sanremo Main, Philippe Boucher Wins PLO Side Event


Montreal’s Jason Lavallee sat down on Day 6 of the €5,300 EPT Sanremo Main Event as chip leader of what would end up being a very slow and grueling eight handed final table; despite several shorter stacks,it took around 4 hours before the first player was eliminated.

While the next few eliminations would come at a more tolerable pace, Jason dropped down to the middle of the pack after calling an 1.5 million chip all-in, only to be forced out of the pot by France’s Ludocic Lacay isolation shove over the top.

Seemingly to be not phased by the set back and carefully going forward, Lavallee regained the chip lead from Lacay after making a daring 5-bet shove; while Ludovic obliged happily with a dominating hand, Lacey bricked, Jason paired the flop and only improved with a rivered nut flush to regain the chip lead.

The two would not clash much more after the big confrontations, however Ludovic did turned up the heat, aggressively playing pots to eventually eliminate and collect the chips of the 3rd and 4th place finishers. y the time Lavallee and Lacay squared of heads up, Jason was at about a 2-1 chip disadvantage. Regardless, a very sweet deal was struck, guaranteeing Jason nearly €550,000 while his opponent locked down €650,000 and leaving €100,000 and the title in the middle to play for. Given the 70/30 distribution of chips in play, we are pretty sure Lavallee got the better end of this, with a chance to make it a true chop.

Lacay would go on to claim the trophy, leaving Jason slightly disappointed but still counting his blessings;

“@constantcolorup: 2nd biggest cash I guess for 538,089 (euros), it’ll feel good in a few days, for now it’s pretty sour not winning.”

The haul is worth $681,140 CAD at today’s exchange rate, not bad for a weeks worth of work.

Earlier in the day, another of our well known French Canadians also finished up in great form, following up on a late evening pause of play; Philippe Boucher had to make some last minute arrangements as follows:

“@PhiLLeDINGUE: Heads Up in the PLO 1k #eptsanremo with 900k vs. 200k We had to stop for the night and resume tomorrow; I will have to change my flight!!”

It turn out to be well worth his while and he wasted no time in shifting his attention to his friend Jason still playing in the Main;

“@PhiLLeDINGUE: Took only 30min and we have a winnnarrr 28700 euros + the trophy!! Your turn @constantcolorup win that shitt #urturn ”

Congratulations to Jason and Philippe on their very fine finishes!




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