Professional Poker Player Richard Webb


Richard Webb at the 2010 BC Poker Championships
Richard Webb at the 2010 BC Poker Championships

Quick Fact Sheet

Full name: Richard Webb
Date of Birth: October 6th 1960
Birth Place: Dashwood, Ontario
Residence: Grand Bend Ontario
Marital Status: Married
Nickname: Uncle Buck
Fun Facts: Richard owns a contracting company his grandfather started over 75 years ago called Stewart Webb & Sons Ltd.

Full Player Profile: Richard Webb

Richard “Uncle Buck” Webb was born in Dashwood, Ontario on October 6th 1960 and currently lives in Grand Bend, Ontario. Richard is certainly more than a very successful poker player: he currently owns and operates “Stewart Webb & Sons Limited”, a contracting company that his grandfather founded over 75 years ago and is still highly successful today. He is married to his lovely wife Jackie and they have one daughter together.

Webb started playing poker at a young age with his dad and enjoyed it from the beginning. It wasn’t until February 2005 that he attended his first tournament, however, where he placed 2nd. That would be the first and last time that he used his own money to play and has been free-rolling ever since.

Richard has accomplished a few feats on our Canadian felts that have yet to be duplicated and maybe never will.  For one, Mr. Webb is the proud owner of seven, count them seven championship rings!  Richard has won 2 events in Regina’s Harvest Classic, 3 events in the course of a year at the Casino Point Edward’s Blue Water Classic and his remaining two rings were earned in his most impressive feat on the felts; winning the Canadian Poker Tour’s Players Point Championship Invitational back to back in 2008 and 2009.  Even if you don’t include his two hefty $100,000 sponsorship contracts, Richard shows winnings of around $300,000 and over a dozen final tables in large field, medium buy in events.  This year Richard took a shot at the annual $5000 Heads Up Event held in Calgary and now that he has had a chance to warm up, it’s very likely he will take a few more stabs at similar events.  On the World Stage, Mr. Webb has had some success at the Barcelona EPT, coming 2nd in the 550 Euro event and 11th in the 2150 Euro buy-in.  This year, while many waited to be of age to play the WSOP, Richard was excited to possibly play in his first seniors WSOP event, but was just as happy to cash in a few others and mix it up with the “kids” in the $10, 000 Main Event.  With the LAPC also being one of Webb’s favorite stops we could possibly see him compete in Heads Up, seniors and large buy-in Main Events once again. And as if winning the CPT Finals twice in a row isn’t enough, he will be going into them as one of the top 5 in the tours points tracking system once again.  Maybe an epic 3rd win for the champ?

Richard has always been strong at the annual Canadian Poker Tour Finals, 2010’s will once again take place in Calgary, Alberta. He has placed in the top 10 of the leader boards every year from 2006 to 2010.  He feels extremely blessed with all the luck he’s had and for all his successes and has since started to give a portion of all his poker winnings to good causes and charities, something the communities around Canada he plays in have no problem giving him the much deserved credit and recognition for.  If you are organizing a tournament and want to get Webb’s attention then the best way to do it would be to run a charity event – if there were any such events around the country, he’d certainly make an effort to attend!

He also feels an obligation in his duty as a Canadian “poker ambassador” to help keep up and coming players grounded, teaching them to manage their winnings and remember the things away from the table.  As far as his success on the felts goes, Webb believes he wouldn’t have any of it if were not for those closest to him and their support; His wife, daughter, co-workers who mind the business while he plays and all his “bro’s” from his regular Tuesday night game.

As far as his nickname “Uncle Buck” goes, it was given to him by his nieces and nephews and has followed him to the felts. He enjoys poker simply because he loves the challenge of the game and all the great people he meets and the new friend’s he’s made.



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