Professional Poker Player Pat Pezzin

pat pezzin
Pat Pezzin
Full name: Pat Pezzin
Date of Birth: n/a
Birth Place: Toronto, ON, Canada
Residence: Toronto, ON, Canada
Marital Status: n/a
Nickname: TorontoToro
Fun Facts: Pat Pezzin is a member of Team PokerStars Canada!

Pat “TorontoToro” Pezzin is Team PokerStars Canada professional who’s nickname pretty much sums up that he is another of Ontario’s elite poker players.  A solid high stake buy-in opponent in both online and live events, Pat has definitely become one of the more recognized Canadian names on the world circuit and in major online series today.

Pezzin’s largest and most memorable cash was his 2nd place finish in a $10,000 Limit Hold’em WSOP event.  Pat was defeated heads up by fellow Canadian Greg “FBT” Mueller, who claimed his first bracelet with the win, but Pezzin still bagged an impressive $285,196 for his finish.  As of the start of 2011, Pat has won just under $750,000 in major live tournaments, with another $587,000+ in online winnings, putting him well over the “poker made millionaire” mark. The “TorontoToro” has a fine collection of $20,000 to $70,000 dollar finishes and continues to rack up more on a regular basis.

Ask around and those familiar with Pezzin will tell you he is stronger than most in mixed games. Those who truly love the game will all say there is more to a great poker player than just being a good No Limit Texas Hold’em player alone, something which Pat has clearly proven to be.  A good portion of his best results have been in disciplines other than NLH, his name is usually in the deeper payouts in online or large buy-in events of the lesser mastered games.

Most poker players are naturally competitive in other games or sports and Pat is no exception.  His particular passion away from the felts happens to be Bocce, a popular Italian roots outdoor game similar to lawn bowling, which is a perfect fit considering Pat’s heritage and the he has dual citizenship both here and in Italy. Patrick has stepped up to volunteer and participant roles in support of the other game he loves, as both president of the Ontario Bocce Association and Vice President of the Canadian Bocce Association.  Pat helps to organize and spark interest in Bocce events around the country and competes in open North American competitions where he has a few titles of his own, also representing the Canadian National Team on occasion. Pat has been quoted as saying; “In poker, like in bocce – you need to know your opponent’s skills and weaknesses; you also need to know when to be aggressive versus defensive whether you’re on the court or on the felt”.

Seems like a simple enough concept that makes sense. For those that want to check out Pezzin tearing it up in some Mixed Hold’em WSOP final table action, against a tough group of opponents, here is some video:



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