Professional Poker Player Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald at the 2010 Canadian Open Poker Championships
Michael McDonald at the 2010 Canadian Open Poker Championships

Quick Fact Sheet

Full name: Michael McDonald
Date of Birth: 09/11/1989
Birth Place: Waterloo, ON, Canada
Residence: Waterloo, ON, Canada
Marital Status: Single
Nickname: Michael “Tîmex” McDonald
Fun Facts: Michael is the youngest player to ever win an EPT event at age 18!

Full Player Profile: Mike “Timex” McDonald

What many feel stands out most about this Cardrunner Coach and Full Tilt “Red Pro” is not his WSOP or WPT performances, unlike so many other s who have been “signed” by on of the big 3 sites. That’s not to say some day we won’t hear about what he has done in Las Vegas. It’s just that even though Mike McDonald has over $2,300,000 in live cashes at the close of 2010 and almost another million in online tournament scores, he has had to wait until his 21st birthday like everybody else.

Mike won his first million playing poker at the age of 18. Well, $1,223,595 USD to be exact, for winning the European Poker Tour Main Event in February of 2008. McDonald’s big win came just after 1st and 2nd place finishes in events at the Aussie Millions and after the EPT, the poker world definitely knew the young online poker prodigy from Waterloo Ontario had also arrived on the live scene. Clearly, the poker world was stunned that they would soon be literally being “schooled” by the youngster; check out this short footage of the money and trophy presentation to see just how young Mike looked back then:


“Timex” would go on to final table the following year at the EPT German Open, worth a hefty $279,552. 2010 started out for Mike with a win in another Pokerstars branded event, this time at Atlantis Resort and Casino, worth $146,804. A few weeks later, yet another EPT final table added $423,182 to his education fund. Shortly after, Mike would shock the poker media once again with the a topic of his age, only this time it was what many dubbed his “retirement” from the game.

By now, many players had come to “Timex” as one of online pokers best players in terms of tournament and cash game strategy, game theory and exploiting opponent errors. Mike didn’t let his success lead his ego straight to the nosebleed levels, rather he self admittedly uses what he knows to find and exploit the worst players. With his average haul being around $1500 and around five hundred and fifty in the money finishes, he proved without a doubt he knows his business, how to make money playing poker.

So why did Mike announce he was leaving poker in early 2010? Truth is, he never did say just that. What Mike has said many times since is that he didn’t see himself playing poker for a living forever, was satisfied with his accomplishments and didn’t feel that he had anything more to prove. He had simply decided that there were other things in life he wanted to accomplish and didn’t want to remain isolated by focusing solely on the game and the poker community. He also went back to school to finish his studies.

McDonald continues to show up and support Canadian events across the country, competing in the 2010 Canadian Poker Open Championships in Calgary and making his way to Montreal with fellow “Red Pro” teammates to launch Playground Poker Club. Mike has said he will compete in some of his favorite events around the world and plans on attending the 2011 WSOP, but poker has to fit into his schedule and not the other way around. Canada caught up with Mike at COPC and asked him a few questions, have a look before you go!




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