Professional Poker Player Daniel Negreanu


Full name: Daniel Negreanu
Date of Birth: July 26, 1974
Birth Place: Toronto, ON, Canada
Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada
Marital Status: Single
Nickname: Kid Poker
Total Winnings: $14,901,459
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  1. I will indeed give credit to the one player that has been inspirational to me over the past half dozen years, I learned poker at a young age (under age 15 while assisting my dad at the garage in Chesley and then Owen Sound, ON. Dad passed away when I was 17,a young mother, and in not so great of marital relationship. Over the years since 1970 I have had the unique opportunity to live life and travel coupled with my growing entourage of three daughters, who have learned card playing by being part of the Wilson Clan, from camping to 5 star motels. Mom passed almost a year ago, and my big brother Bill passed in June of 05 from Pancreatic Cancer. It was after that time that I chose to watch and follow my newest Canadian Hero. Daniel Negreanu,aka Kid Poker. It’s a dream of mine to eventually have the opportunity to go HEADS UP, test his skills at trying to read Momma_Thyme, me. Keep on keeping on buttercup, till we eventually meet and greet.


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