PokerStars to Launch Sportsbetting and Casino Games Globally


Pokerstars casino

PokerStars will be more than poker in the coming weeks, the company owned by Montreal-based Amaya Gaming will be launching online casino games in a few weeks, specifically roulette and blackjack online. No more need to get into your car and drive to the casino, players with a PokerStars account and transfer funds and play casino games from the comfort of their own computer.

Unlike at a live casino where table minimums are usually in the $10 range, on PokerStars casino, players will be able to bet as low as $0.10 to gamble at the tables. Poker players will have a one stop shop with PokerStars for all of their gambling needs.  The games will be launched on a market-my-market basis and will be available to nearly half of PokerStars’s current player base by the end of the 2014.

During 2015, PokerStars will be adding sports betting and adding more casino games including a full-featured mobile casino on mobile and web in 2015.


Pokerstars Roulette

Pokerstars Blackjack

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