PokerStars Takes It To The Limits and Sets New World Record In Process


As part of it’s 10th Anniversary celebration, PokerStars decided to try to set a new Guinness Book of World Records mark for hosting the “largest ever poker tournament”, previously set by the site in December 2009 with a massive 149,196 players participating. When game day finally arrived, they more than crushed that number; 200,000 players from around the world capped the starting field and took their virtual seats to have a bit of fun trying to claim the $1 events $50,000 first place prize along with ultimate bragging rights of being able to lay claim to winning the biggest poker tournament in history.

The record smashing event didn’t come with-out it’s hitches however; even the finest of machines are sure to hiccup and sputter if you push the throttle hard enough and keep them at their “redline”. With nearly 400,000 players playing on the site at the same time, the servers were certainly being pushed hard and some “extra breaks” needed to be thrown in. It wasn’t all bad and annoying for everybody though; as @PokerToronto put it “@PokerStars crashing because of their $1 world record tournament = extra long break for hungover grinders!”. Clearly just rollin’ with it, Scott also put a $100 bounty on his own head in the $1 Twitter Poker league event running on PokerStars at the same time, for “any follower that has the toughness” to knock him out. His challenge must have brought him a little “rungood”, as he went on to finish 7th in the $109+R for $10,465.

@PokerStars also took to Twitter, being up front with players and letting them know that there would be delays; responding professionally to any grumblings that arose and keeping the day’s agenda as light hearted as it was meant to be.

Many of the players from PokerStars Pro and Online Teams also joined in the event, tweeting their finishing rank and the screen name of the opponent who sealed their fates and collecting the $10 bounties awarded for doing so.

Players flew to the rail at the rate of about 1000 per minute, with almost 40,000 being “bounced” in the first hour alone. The tournament may have also broken the record for most players eliminated per minute, (if there is such a thing) reaching the final 100 in around just 6 hours of play.

 The final table was quickly reached with Edmonton’s PokerStars Team Online player Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome taking on the role of hostess; also tweeting out a screen shot of the last players remaining. All told it took only a little more than 8 hours for a 3 way deal to be reached and after things played out, Russia’s “sokolvk1991” walked away the winner; taking along some pretty hefty bragging rights and $40,258.

Only 5 Canadians made into the last 100 pay spots: “Shipcookie” in 95th for $80, “cwaaaa” claimed 92nd for the same, “Scottycreek” finished 51st for $150 and “Slugsta” came 47th for $175. Our last Canadian player standing was “kerkel1”, who scored $1250 for a 14th place showing, earning him about .62 of a penny per player eliminated prior to his exit.

Congratulations to everybody who participated, for $1 investment, whether you won or lost you helped set the new Guinness Book of World Record’s “largest poker tournament ever!”

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