PokerStars speed poker variation “Zoom Poker” soon to be in Beta


Following months of rumours, PokerStars has confirmed that it is approaching the beta launch of its new speed poker variant to be named “Zoom Poker”.  Backed by popular player demand, the game variation that was first introduced as “Rush Poker” with immense success in 2010 by Full Tilt Poker, and one of the site’s most popular games up until the Full Tilt shut down.

In Zoom Poker, players are randomly seated and dealt in one hand. As soon as the hand is ended, the player is then moved to another table with new players. Players could fold fast pre-flop and instantly move onto the next hand. The game will allow for players to play a very high volume of hands per hour in comparison to conventional ring poker. The concept of speed poker will have a greater chance of success in games such as low to mid-stakes no-limit hold’em and lower stakes PLO and limit hold’em where there are a lot more players and tables open versus at the high stakes.

One possible complication that we foresee with Zoom Poker may arise as a result of gambling legislation in certain countries such as in Denmark where PokerStars have recently obtained a gambling license, the laws which require there to be 10 second delay in between hands being dealt to players as part of their responsible gaming policies. If this were to hold true, it could mean that Zoom Poker and other speed poker concepts including Rush Poker could encounter some roadblocks.

PokerStars confirmed with website PokerFuse that the new product is set to reach the first players already at the end of February or the beginning of March. They were originally to call it “Blitz Poker” but changed the name in favour of “Zoom Poker”.

Zoom Poker is one several recent innovations coming from PokerStars. Recently, PokerStars has announced a beta of its mobile poker client in Italy that would allow players to play on the mobile phones. The mobile client has not yet been introduced to players in the rest of the world.



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