PokerStars Launches BOOM Player Social Media Site


PokerStars launched a beta version of its social media utility tool called “BOOM” which allows player to replay and share their poker hands with their friends.

The BOOM feature is similar to a hand history but focuses on social sharing. Once shared, PokerStars opens your web browser, where you can review the action, replay it in the hand replayer and then share it on other social networks and integrate into a blog. Facebook is not supported at the moment due to restrictions or real money gambling.

The BOOM feature is meant to combine social games and real-money online poker through social sharing of hand histories. BOOM can be accessed from the hand history in the chat box of the poker client via a small red star, or via the replayer which sports its own BOOM button.

You can share your hands on Twitter or publish them via your own BOOM website, accessible at

You can also search for interesting hands and select filters like most hands viewed, most discussed about, top liked and most recent hands. You can also view most important hands or biggest posts from big tournaments played on PokerStars like the Sunday Million or the SCOOP.

There are two quick and easy ways to BOOM! a hand from PokerStars tables.


1. Click on the star in the table chat box.


2. Open the instant hand history (the quickest way to do this is click the hand ID # in the top left corner), highlight your chosen hand and hit the BOOM! button.


If you don’t have an account on PokerStars already, click here to download and you can start BOOMing. You will benefit from a generous 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus.

With efforts made in bridging the gap between social gaming and real money poker, PokerStars will surely be further branching into the social gaming space, at least within the United States where they have many millions of customers on file.







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