PokerStars Launch Innovative Time Tourneys


PokerStars Time TourneysPokerStars have launched an innovative new tournament variation that looks to revolutionize the way we play tournaments and also to give tournament players a clear end time for a tournament. Too often do poker players choose not to enter an online poker tournament because they didn’t have the time to finish it or because they have to be somewhere else before the event had the time to reach a winner.

With PokerStars Time Tourneys, you know exactly when the tournament will end before you event start.

A normal tournament doesn’t end until one player has all the chips. PokerStars Time Tourneys will run for a predetermined amount of time. When the clock runs out, everything in the prize pool is awarded to people who still have chips based on the size of their stacks.

The length of the new Time Tourneys will range from 15 minutes long to three hours and the buy-ins start from $1 and go up from there.

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier said of the new tournaments: “Time Tourneys are going to be so much fun. I often want to play a tournament but don’t have hours to spare, so these are just perfect. I think Time Tourneys are going to be intense, because as the clock ticks down there’s going to be even more action.”

The new “Time Tourneys” will allow players to fit a poker tournament into their schedule, be it a quick one before breakfast or an hour during their lunch break, all of which will come as great news to players working to a tight daily schedule.

If you are new to PokerStars and would like to try their new Time Tourneys, PokerStars is currently offering a free tournament ticket worth $5.50 for any player who makes a deposit of $30 or more and uses the bonus code “TIME” between October 19 and 28. Just click here to register a new account and you will also benefit from their generous 100% deposit bonus.

Also new to PokerStars is the Saturday Countdown, a $22 buy-in time tourney with a $10K guaranteed prize pool.


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