PokerStars Issues Warning to Poker Data Mining Site PokerTableRatings


PokerTableRatings is a service that tracks and collects the data of online poker players’ game play and makes the data available to other players to see.  The service, which is free up to 10 searches per day and subscription-based over that amount, spans to include most of the top online poker networks and has recently added data on 888poker game play.

Players can see detailed info including player win rates, style of play, hand histories and more which is enough to give a winning edge over other players and locate weak players to play against. This information can be invaluable to anyone who knows how to put it to good use.

PokerStars has issued a warning to the site to stop its operation of face legal action claiming that the site is breaching intellectual property rights and the terms of conditions of the site.

The demand was issued in a number of Cease and Desist letters and follows “considerable efforts to track down the companies and individuals associated with PokerTableRatings.,” Lee Jones, Head of PokerStars‘ Home Games told another news site Pokerfuse.

Jones further said that the demand is not just an “idle threat” and that the site has “assembled a team of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions to follow up.”

“Obviously some of you are frustrated at how long it’s taken us to act,” Jones added. “But the people behind PTR have taken considerable steps to hide their activity and shield themselves from action. But we are on their trail now and will keep at it. We will keep you informed as we make progress.”

PokerTableRatings has been providing detailed insight into opponents’ data since 2009.

Last year, PokerTableRatings made headlines when it was bought by the world’s largest social media games developer, Zynga.


  1. Is it cynical to counter argue pokerstars is NOT looking after the interests of players, because that data mining software is not exclusively available (so no advantage) and is available to anyone who plays poker regularly. Like any tradesman, you use appropriate tools to help your job. Secondly, i have yet to see Pokerstars publicly say “they” have caught any BOTS or colluding players… is always players themselves and sites like PTR that reveal the bots and ONLY THEN does pokerstars react. So can we naturally now assume all the criminal syndicates/groups will now return enmass to pokerstars with pokerstars managements approval to fleece both casual and regular players?? Welcome to the new age of BOTS where much like other industries, computers will replace people. ie giving an HUUGE advantage to those in high end computer sciences and crime gangs that can afford sophisticated BOTS. And without 3rd party monitoring, expect more of this to go on now. Well done pokerstars, I’m withdrawing my money to sites that are monitored.


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