PokerStars Canada Poker Cup $10,000 High Roller begins


10258811_791219804261916_2831314392161132870_oDay 1 of the PokerStars Canada Poker Cup Event #4 $10,000 High Roller began today at 3:00 pm EST in the Playground Poker Room, just outside Montreal, Quebec. When the cards hit the air 14 players were registered. By the end of Level 2 that number had doubled as 14 more had taken their seats bringing the total to 28.

Play will consist of eight 60-minute levels on Day 1 and players will start with 30,000 chips. This is a freeze-out style tournament meaning re-buys or reentries are not permitted.

Some notable Canadians registered include Jonathan Duhamel, Marc Andre Ladouceur, Jason Duval, Sylvain Siebert, Timothy Adams, and Samuel Chartier. Here is a list of the current registered players.

There has only been one casualty so far. Yann Dion had fallen victim to one of poker’s most evil beats, as he was coolered by Samuel Chartier Aces versus Kings. Dion is the first elimination of Event # 4, out in 28th.

First Name Last Name Status Seat
Ankush Mandavia Still in 66, Seat 8
Antoine Berube Still in 61, Seat 5
Carlos Chadha Still in 70, Seat 4
Chanracy Khun Still in 66, Seat 4
Danny Lauzon Still in 62, Seat 8
David Peters Still in 66, Seat 6
Gabriel LeJossec Still in 61, Seat 4
Guillaume Rivet Still in 61, Seat 8
Ioannis Pentefountas Still in 70, Seat 8
Jason Duval Still in 62, Seat 3
Jean-Philippe Matte Still in 62, Seat 2
Jeffery Rossiter Still in 66, Seat 2
John Andress Still in 70, Seat 7
John Krpan Still in 61, Seat 6
Jonathan Duhamel Still in 70, Seat 5
Kevin MacDonald Still in 70, Seat 3
Lawrence Greenberg Still in 66, Seat 5
Marc Andre Ladouceur Still in 62, Seat 1
Marco Cannizzaro Still in 66, Seat 3
Martin Rauss Still in 66, Seat 1
Nicholas Petrangelo Still in 62, Seat 7
Philippe D Auteuil Still in 61, Seat 1
Samuel Chartier Still in 70, Seat 2
Spencer Stacey Still in 61, Seat 3
Steven Silverman Still in 62, Seat 6
Sylvain Siebert Still in 61, Seat 2
Timothy Adams Still in 62, Seat 5
Yann Dion Busted out








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